Monday, December 20, 2010

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

So....I filled up the photo memory for this blog.

I guess its time to jump ship and make another blog. Ill post a link when I get another blog up and going. I have some cute pictures from our Christmas party tonight:)

I love doing Cutie Pies hair:)

This is a picture from later in the say. I think it held up pretty well. But they picture is a bit fuzzy.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pictures of the kiddos

The boys have been playing with balloons this afternoon:)

 This picture was from this morning. It may look cute, like Big Dog is cherishing this hug but he isn't. He fought Cutie Pie with every fiber of his being;D
 GH has been super cranky. He won't take a designated nap......he just whines until he passes out:D This is one of the cutest "passed out" pictures I have taken.

Some new things about GH

1) GH screamed when I put on a Barney video the other day. To be honest, in comparison to the Wiggles,  I think Barney is kind of lame too.

2) GH has learned how to say the following Christmas words: Santa, candy cane, and ho ho ho. We are still working on Merry Christmas.

3) GH has rediscovered his tongue. He enjoys sticking his tongue out at people who are talking to him.

4) He enjoys playing in the snow.

5) He likes to make shapes with his thumbs and fingers. He will run up to me and shout "Mommy, triangle/circle". It's pretty cute.

6) He really enjoys singing songs.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Carlson Walnut Boat Championship

 Tonight we made gingerbread people, watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, and had our walnut boat competition.

Before we started making the gingerbread people Cutie Pie insisted that we lock the doors so they couldn't get away. I had never made gingerbread people before. They didn't turn out too bad. And none of them escaped:D

The walnut boats were a lot faster than last year. With all of Big Dogs attempts at sabotage (bumping table rocking the bowl, and trying to blow out the candles) the competition continued for 20 minutes.

GH ended up winning. Cutie Pie didn't take it well. After GH won and I started writing his name on the trophy she said "That trophy should be mine" I know....way to teach my children good sportsmanship. Actually, I think she was just joking because she ended up congratulating everyone:)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cutie Pies Christmas Wish List

So Christmas is almost here. And Cutie Pie knows that she needs to make sure we know what she wants. Currently she wants:

1) A Christmas Tea Party - I don't know where she comes up with these things. Perhaps she has a secret subscription to Martha Stewart Living.

2) A baby brother or sister - A few weeks ago she would have been happy with a new cousin. But, since her Aunt Crystal crushed her dreams shes back to wanting a new sibling. Thanks a lot Crystal!:D

3) A Care bear

Thank the good Lord Grandma Sharon found a Care bear for her:D


The kiddos were ready to play in the snow today. But the snow wasn't ready for them:( Cutie Pie insisted on trying to make a snowman. Captains Awesome told her the snow wasn't ready and it wouldn't hold. But, she is a persistent little thing so Captain Awesome did the best he could. I can't imagine having picked a better daddy for my kids. Isn't he great?

 GH played worked outside for almost 45 minutes.
 After Big Dog got home from pre school he pulled off one of the gingerbread house walls and started eating it. After I got over my initial shock I tried to repair the house. But, it still looked a bit rough when the kiddos went to decorate it.
 If cable channels have taught me anything its that its all about curb appeal. Sure the house is falling apart. But, if we add some nice shrubbery it's gonna sell. So the kids made some Christmas trees out of Styrofoam cones. I can't believe that my kids are all old enough to do this on their own. All I had to do was break the toothpicks in half. They put the gum drops onto the toothpicks and inserted them into the Styrofoam cones. My babies are growing up:)
 Now this gingerbread house has curb appeal I'm just not sure any bank would approve a loan for it.

Sorry for the ramble....I'm tired and being weird.

So today was St. Lucia's feast day. Cutie Pie dressed up this morning (see post below) But,we waited until later this evening to do our crown bread. Now I didn't do the whole Saffron bread thing because Lacy at Catholic Icing said that we could use any sweet bread. (I'll have to take her word for it since I don't know what shes talking about:)) One of her suggestions was to braid cinnamon rolls into the St. Lucia bread crown. That sounded easy enough. I guess the most important thing is that its still a woven crown. So that is what we did.
FYI: If you want your children to sit and listen to a story about a saint don't do it 1) when they just woke up or 2) when you have placed a delicious pastry in front of them:D

Library Time with GH

GH was excited to go to the library today. It's a lot more fun than watching mom and dad work on Christmas cards.

 The kids loved the reindeer song that they got to act out. GH did some of the stuff on his own. But I had to help him a bit with other parts.
 GH liked the craft. Probably because he got to play with stickers.

One $2.25 trip to thrift store + 2 minutes using a glue gun =

This years ugly Christmas wreath.

I'm like Martha Stewart but exactly the opposite:D

This magazine cover caught my attention

I wouldn't say I'm a Paula Deen fan. But I had no idea she was married to Santa. You think that would be something I would know about........

Pray for B16

I was reading this post and thought I would pass it on. Pope Benedict XVI has asked the children of the world to say a prayer for him when they place the baby Jesus in the manger this year. So don't forget:)

Happy Saint Lucia Day!

Cutie Pie is being a bit silly this morning. But, I was able to get a few pictures.

 I think she looks so sweet here:)
 I braided her hair today. She likes it. So I'm sending her to school with it.
I also want to thank Saint Anthony for helping me find Cutie Pies Saint Lucia outfit that was lost in the garage. I didn't find it until yesterday. I prayed to Saint Anthony several times while I was cleaning "Saint Anthony please come around. Something is lost that needs to be found." Saint Anthony probably rolled his eyes and thought, "Listen sweetie your garage is a complete mess. It's going to take a while for you to dig your way to where it is." :D Hahaha Anyway, I'm so happy that it was found:)

Hope you all have a blessed feast day:)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This weekend

We finally got this years hand print dishtowels done. But, I'm out of room on my laundry room clothesline:( I don't know what I'm going to do next year.

 Cutie Pie told me that she needed paper and a pen. When I asked her why she told me, "I'm going to write John the Baptist."
He's probably one of the best saints to ask to pray for you. So I helped her write the  letter. Spelling isn't her thing. It's not mine either. I suppose we should have been more specific by not writing just Saint John. There are probably a lot of Saint John's in Heaven:)

This weekend Cutie Pie got a fortune cookie that said "You are a bundle of energy always on the go". And Big Dog got a fortune cookie that said "You have ability to sense and know higher truth." I think he got that from me:D Hahaha

Saturday, December 11, 2010

snow inside

Apparently I'm the meanest mom ever since I didn't let the kids play outside today. So as an act of appeasement I filled up the sink with snow and gave the kids some utensils to play with. Every time we do this I say "Next time I'm going to have them do this in a bathtub" And I never do:D

I think it's funny that Cutie Pie insisted on wearing gloves. But, Big Dog wasn't even wearing a shirt:D

Philippines helps with Vatican Nativity Scene

Candy Cane Hunt

Cutie Pie had to be in this shot:D
 When I woke up at 4:45 this morning there was no snow on the ground. I thought we had a chance of doing the hunt at a local park. But, shortly after I started making breakfast the snow started coming down. But, we are lucky enough to have friends who braved the snow and wind to join us in our hunting fun:) We used the upstairs for our hunting grounds.

Everyone waited downstairs patiently as I hid the candy canes. Then we started the hunt.

The kids did a great job finding the candy canes. And they seemed to have a good time. GH was eatting a candy cane when we started. So I don't think he was properly motivated.
 While GH munched on standard candy canes, Cally preferred a more sophisticated flavored candy cane. I think she was eating a strawberry or cherry flavored one:) (I didn't take it from her to find out:D)
 The kids enjoyed some hot chocolate and cookies.......because theres not quite enough sugar in a bag full of candy canes:D
 Calvin was in it to win it. This boy was focused. I think he found the most candy canes out of the whole group.
 Is Cally going back upstairs to find more candy canes?
 Collin...oh Collin. You are sooo funny:)
 Cally enjoying one for the road:)

Mom doesn't have any idea how many candy canes she put out. Or how many were collected. So GH is going to keep his eyes open for any candy cane straglers.