Thursday, December 31, 2009

The reality of our faith......

The reality of our faith isn't pretty. Jesus on the cross is a haunting and graphic reminder of a debt we couldn't pay. My children are a bit sensitive to seeing Jesus on the cross. During Mass Rooster has hid her face after seeing the stages of the cross on the walls.

But, Big Dog.....well he doesn't hide. He's the kind of boy who gets stuff done. Big Dog is a man of action. For the second time Big Dog has pulled Jesus off the cross.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Uncle Aaron will know

This is one of Roosters favorite bath toys. She wants to know who it is. But, I don't have a clue. So if you know who it is please leave a comment or email me. Thanks:)

GH plays the harmonica

It's some sort of Christmas miracle. One of my videos actually loaded onto blogger. Now, I'm just hoping it was one of the good videos (crossing fingers).

I shouldn't be suprised. Baby Jesus has been using his baby Jesus powers all week. I think he's trying to get our attention. And the things he's been doing are more impressive than my silly blog finally loading up a video. First he saved that baby and mother in Colorado.

Then he foiled the plans of a crazy Nigerian man who tried to blow up an airplane.

Happy Birthday baby Jesus. Fancy doctors and big governments might not always be able to protect us. But, we always have faith and hope in you:)

Pictures of the boys

Monday, December 28, 2009

Learning about the Sacraments

Big Dog loves this set of books written by Doug Brummel. The adorable illustrations are by Doug's wife Jennifer and their children. We have a mixed gender set (thanks to our local Catholic bookstore who ordered two sets just for me so I could choose which girl books and which boy books I wanted)

* indicates A Three Brothers Story
^ indicates A Three Sisters Story

* Noah Get's Wet - A Story Celebrating Baptism
^ Betty Says, "I'm Sorry" - A Story Celebrating Reconciliation
^ Betty's Special Sunday! - A Story Celebrating Holy Communion
* Cousin Nathan's Big Day - A Story Celebrating Confirmation
* Grandma and Grandpa's Special Promise - A Story Celebrating Matrimony
* Grandpa Get's Oily! - A Story Celebrating Anointing of the Sick
* The Boy's Special Dinner Guest! - A Story Celebrating Holy Orders


After Captain Awesome got home from getting his haircut he went on (in great length) about how much he liked his haircut. Rooster told him "I want a haircut too". He told her "You don't need a haircut. Your hair is beautiful" and "You have the most beautiful hair in the family" I guess that wasn't good enough for Rooster. Later this evening the Captain saw her with scissors about to cut off a pony tail. Don't worry I got the scissors from her:D Anyway, we decided to trim off some split ends. She seemed happy with it. The fact that we lavished praise upon her probably helped. We kept telling her how beautiful it was....I hope we don't make her conceited.

All evening she kept asking "Will my friends like my haircut?" We told her of course they would:) Feel free to post positive comments about Roosters beautiful haircut:)

My plan

I bought a Dirt Devil hand vac for one of my Christmas presents. As I had hoped, as soon as I turned it on, Rooster insisted that it was her turn:D How could I refuse her a turn? That would be wrong!

GH and the Grinch

When you are super grouchy sometimes it's best to take a little nap.

My new profile picture on Facebook

If you aren't fortunate enough to be one of my Facebook buddies. You wouldn't know that I just updated my profile picture.
I think I'm aging well:D

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cabin Fever

We did some finger painting.

The boys enjoyed playing with the clock puzzle they got for Christmas.

In the afternoon we went outside to play in the drifts of snow.

Happy Birthday baby Jesus

The kids put so many sprinkles on the cake you couldn't even read the "Happy Birthday Jesus" written in frosting:D

Pictures from Christmas morning

Big Dog coming down the stairs.

The pile of presents.
Roosters favorite gift was a scooter. She has been doing really well riding on it.
GH loved Roosters doll and stroller. Look at him. He's such a good daddy:) I was hoping that Rooster would like all the dolls that she got for Christmas. And maybe she would be happy to have new dolls to take care of.....and this would make her not want a baby sister. But, my plan didn't work. She wants "two babies to hug and kiss." Yep, she's changed her strategy. I guess she assumes if she asks for more than she wants her first request won't seem like so much. Smart kid:D

Big Dog was a bit impatient when he was trying to open this gift:D

GH got a sock monkey.

Santa left these delightful recorders in the children's stockings.
Rooster put on a rootin-tootin cowgirl harmonica performance. Big Dog LOVES his harmonica.

We never had nesting stacking blocks before. But, they are a lot of fun. FYI: You can do more than nest and stack with these blocks. Rooster enjoyed making trains and roller coasters all afternoon. I think her stuffed animals enjoyed it too.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Cookies for Santa

After Mass we decorated cookies for Santa.

Did GH eat some cookies? We caught him red handed!

PJ Party

Rooster wanted to have a pajama party like they had at school. So on Christmas Eve we spent the day in pajama's until it was time to go to Mass.

We painted pine cone's to look like Christmas trees. Someone also painted their forehead:)

Rooster pretended she was a reindeer, GH was an elf, and Big Dog was Santa. This game taught Rooster that reindeer have hard jobs.

Big Dog was sad when he ran out of room for stickers on the outside. So he put stickers inside too.

Rooster and I made some garland.
We also made door bells.
The reindeer food was delicious. GH couldn't resist having a little.

We tried to make cranberry and popcorn garland. But, every time we got the popcorn down the string Big Dog would eat it:D

Big Dog and GH

GH is no longer afraid of being in the locker.

You know Big Dog is tired when he doesn't have the strength to finish his S'more.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Things I never thought I'd say. Then I became a parent. Christmas Edition

Big Dog had been running around the foyer without his pants or underwear on. When he ran over to the Christmas tree. I was incredibly disturbed when I found myself asking, "Are you peeing on the Christmas tree?"

Rooster has been finding things around the house and wrapping them up as presents. When she can't find paper she improvises. That's when I found myself telling her, "You can't wrap presents in underwear"

And my personal favorite was to GH, "Don't put candy canes up your nose"

Pictures of the Big Dog

Big Dog loves our home altar. Last night he pointed out all the baby Jesus'.

Big Dog wanted to make sure we were ready for the storm. So he tested out all the flash lights.
I like this photo:)
Big Dog eating a gingerbread house.

More pictures of GH

I don't know what this is all about. But, GH started putting shoes on his hands. Then he crawls around the house like this. Sometimes he changes shoes during this activity.

Here are more pictures of GH and his favorite toy:)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Random pictures of GH

The best thing about Christmas is baby Jesus. But, the second best thing is that there are tons of boxes laying around.

GH is an investigator:)
GH is still enchanted by the Christmas tree. Why would a tree be in the house? That's just weird:)