Sunday, November 29, 2009


This is our Jesse tree. I have had the hardest time with our child made ornaments and readings. But, we are just going to go ahead with what we have on Tuesday. It's our first year so if we even get through it I'll be impressed.

This is our first year doing an Advent wreath. We said a very nice set of prayers from a Ave Maria Press book entitled Blessings For God's People by Thomas G. Simons. The children were very interested in what was going on. (Sorry the picture quality is so poor.)
After we were done with our prayers. Rooster wanted to blow out the candle. Which was ok with us. We have three children 5 and under. The idea of letting the candle burn for an extended period of time isn't really comforting:)

GH had to get a closer look.


  1. Your Advent stuff looks really nice. Way to be on top of things! I thought maybe I'll get our stuff out today...

  2. These looks vwry nice.all pics beautiful.thanks for sharing beach condos


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