Friday, November 13, 2009


Big Dog found a flash light this morning. I don't know where he found it. But, he was kind enough to let GH play with it. GH thought it was really neat. He kept looking into the light even though I told him not too.

GH really liked it when I turned off the light. He kept shining the flash light on the floor and ceiling. He had a blast.

GH really enjoyed playing with bubble wrap earlier this week. He got really frustrated a few times and tried biting the bubble wrap:)

This week GH has said "a,b,c,d" and "z". He has been signing "all done" and one time signed "milk please". His favorite phrases continue to be "A clue" and "Oh, no".
This week he said to me "A clue" then he started sniffing through his nose. Yep, he had a dirty diaper. I don't know if he doesn't know the sign for diaper, or if he's just a gross little boy;)
GH also started clearing his plate at dinner (with assistance). His favorite part is when we lift him up and he throws his plate into the sink. He always gives himself a big round of applause when he's done:) It's really cute.


  1. Gosh I wish we were back at that easily amused phase with little dude.

  2. If I remember correctly Logan LOVED flash lights too. Almost ran you broke buying batteries:)


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