Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pine cone activities

Since we were sick today we missed a lot of great stuff: Mass, another Thanksgiving at the ranch (that everyone made it to), city tree lighting, and Santa Clause. We just have had the worst luck this year:( Anyway, sorry for my pity party....onto the activities.

I saw a cute idea in Roosters school newsletter. We looked at our pine cones. We noticed that they were spread out. Then we put pine cones into a bowl of water and placed a small bowl on top of the pine cones to keep them submerged.

About 20 minutes later we pulled them out of the water and noticed that they were now closed. The school newsletter says that in this is the way pine cones protect their seeds.
We made some pine cone bird feeders. Please ignore my messy counters. I was still working on my Jesse tree stuff. Advent sort of snuck up on me.

Even GH got in on the activity.

Rooster was the only one that made the reindeer. I thought it was a bit advanced for the boys.

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