Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rooster learns about families

Rooster stayed home from school today since she got sick last night. Since Captain Awesome was home today she stayed home with him when I took the boys to play date. I was somewhat relieved that I didn't have to take her because she has been on a "little sister" kick. This playgroup has two sets of sisters. Rooster hasn't quite gotten to the point where she understands that not all families have two girls in them. Most of our friends have at least two girls. She often asks where her baby sister is. I have to tell her that she doesn't have a baby sister.

The other day she pulled a photo off our refrigerator. It was a picture of Captain Awesome and I leaving the hospital with GH. She kept insisting that it was her baby sister. Poor delusional child:) I tell her all the time that she has a girl cousin (Ames) and that is sort of like a sister. She just looks away.....shes very unimpressed with this response. One time she asked if she could have a sister so I told her we don't have room in our car. She looked really sad...I kind of felt bad....but, not bad enough to have another kid:D

Rooster loves the show Olivia. So I pointed out that she and Olivia are not only very persistent children but they also are an older sister to two brothers.

So she asked me "Why doesn't Olivia have a sister?" I told her that not all families have two girls in them. Instead she has brothers. She gave me a cute little "hmmm" and walked away.

At bedtime she always asks for a story. Last night she wanted a story of a dinosaur. So I told her a story about Danny the Dinosaur who was a florist. Once he decided to start selling more flowers than just flowers that started with the letter D, his franchise grew by three stores in the first year, and he grew his business into a Fortune 500 company within ten years. Rooster was fairly impressed about the success of Danny. But, usually she asks for the "Daddy Bird story" Basically, Captain Awesome and I are the adult birds in a nest. We have three eggs that hatch into Rooster bird, Big Dog bird, and GH bird. The eggs hatch by "hatch order" and Rooster bird saves worms for baby GH bird. So anyway, she starts saying that its time for her baby sister egg to hatch. :O

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