Saturday, November 14, 2009

Todays Activities

Rooster likes stringing beads. These are really easy to string because they are large.

Even Big Dog is getting the hang of it and he hates these types of activities.
Photo credit: Rooster

We did some dot art. Big Dog loves squirting the glue all over the paper. Rooster really enjoys picking which sets of dots to use.

I think these turned out pretty well. I love dot art.....well everything except the cleaning up part:)

I saw this idea on Chasing Cheerios. Sorting items by first letters. Rooster did fantastic. Big Dog just laughed while I worked with him on this activity. After I left him alone with it he actually did really well. He said the words and the letters and matched them up with little trouble.

Rooster put these cute little animal puzzles together. She also enjoyed making new creatures by mixing the pieces up. Big Dog didn't get around to this activity. Maybe I will do it with them on Monday when Rooster goes to school.

This toy was suppose to be a Christmas present for GH. But, I couldn't wait. I know I have amazing self control. Anyway, before I could introduce this toy to Big Dog. GH hopped up and started playing too. So I guess he liked his present.

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