Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Decorating the Christmas Tree

We pulled out some of our Christmas decorations last night. There are some cards that I have kept just for sentimental reasons (cards form grandparents etc). The kids found one from cousin Kveta. It plays music!

Rooster worked very hard putting ornaments on the tree. And the boys worked very hard taking ornaments off the tree. Occasionally "Big Doggie" would feel guilty and put a few back on the tree.

Rooster asked daddy if she could put the star on the tree. The whole thing was an ordeal since the tree is sooooo large.

Mama and her little Christmas elves.

FYI: This is the 11th Christmas of our marriage. So our tree's name has to start with a K. Rooster thought Kara was a good name. We thought that was a very nice name, so we are going with Kara:)

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