Monday, December 28, 2009


After Captain Awesome got home from getting his haircut he went on (in great length) about how much he liked his haircut. Rooster told him "I want a haircut too". He told her "You don't need a haircut. Your hair is beautiful" and "You have the most beautiful hair in the family" I guess that wasn't good enough for Rooster. Later this evening the Captain saw her with scissors about to cut off a pony tail. Don't worry I got the scissors from her:D Anyway, we decided to trim off some split ends. She seemed happy with it. The fact that we lavished praise upon her probably helped. We kept telling her how beautiful it was....I hope we don't make her conceited.

All evening she kept asking "Will my friends like my haircut?" We told her of course they would:) Feel free to post positive comments about Roosters beautiful haircut:)

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