Monday, December 28, 2009

Learning about the Sacraments

Big Dog loves this set of books written by Doug Brummel. The adorable illustrations are by Doug's wife Jennifer and their children. We have a mixed gender set (thanks to our local Catholic bookstore who ordered two sets just for me so I could choose which girl books and which boy books I wanted)

* indicates A Three Brothers Story
^ indicates A Three Sisters Story

* Noah Get's Wet - A Story Celebrating Baptism
^ Betty Says, "I'm Sorry" - A Story Celebrating Reconciliation
^ Betty's Special Sunday! - A Story Celebrating Holy Communion
* Cousin Nathan's Big Day - A Story Celebrating Confirmation
* Grandma and Grandpa's Special Promise - A Story Celebrating Matrimony
* Grandpa Get's Oily! - A Story Celebrating Anointing of the Sick
* The Boy's Special Dinner Guest! - A Story Celebrating Holy Orders

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