Thursday, December 17, 2009

Non-Slutty Barbie Clothes

For Christmas I wanted to make sure Rooster got some nice clothes for her Barbies that I bought on ebay. When I told my dear friend Krimsin that I wanted some "non-slutty Barbie clothes" she laughed at me:) She didn't have much luck finding "non-slutty" Barbie clothes. You can read about her adventure on this post She actually ended up having someone make a dress since finding a "non-slutty" outfit is difficult. But, Barbie ended up looking fabulous. And look at her......she obviously knows she is stunning:)

Since Krimsin has known me for a long time she also knows I can be easily swayed when an adorable retro outfit is offered.
Krimsin--Thank you for all the great presents. The kids love them. Your presents are wrapped....but, not mailed yet. Hopefully tomorrow:)

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  1. I'm soo glad they love them! Check out my newest giveaway, and tell friends and family to enter it too! I <3 KIDOZ!


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