Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pictures from Christmas morning

Big Dog coming down the stairs.

The pile of presents.
Roosters favorite gift was a scooter. She has been doing really well riding on it.
GH loved Roosters doll and stroller. Look at him. He's such a good daddy:) I was hoping that Rooster would like all the dolls that she got for Christmas. And maybe she would be happy to have new dolls to take care of.....and this would make her not want a baby sister. But, my plan didn't work. She wants "two babies to hug and kiss." Yep, she's changed her strategy. I guess she assumes if she asks for more than she wants her first request won't seem like so much. Smart kid:D

Big Dog was a bit impatient when he was trying to open this gift:D

GH got a sock monkey.

Santa left these delightful recorders in the children's stockings.
Rooster put on a rootin-tootin cowgirl harmonica performance. Big Dog LOVES his harmonica.

We never had nesting stacking blocks before. But, they are a lot of fun. FYI: You can do more than nest and stack with these blocks. Rooster enjoyed making trains and roller coasters all afternoon. I think her stuffed animals enjoyed it too.

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