Thursday, December 17, 2009


You would think a total fatty like me could cook and bake so well that I would put Martha Stewart to shame. But, I can't cook or bake well. Sad but true.

This week I was treated to Kim's warm Dr. Pepper drink. It's a family favorite on her husbands side. She warmed the Dr. Pepper up on the stove, put a slice of lemon into a coffee mug, then poured the Dr. Pepper into the mug. I have to admit I wasn't sure about it. But, it was good.

Today Lisa brought over delicious cookies. (Last year I remember telling her that I didn't make friends Christmas cookies because I can't bake. Therefore she should consider not getting my cookies as her gift:)) Anyway, when I showed Rooster the cookies Lisa made, Rooster said "The cookies are so beautiful Mommy" Then she gathered up the remaining cookies on the tray, placed them in a basket and told me that she was going to grandma's house.

With her red shirt, Santa hat and basket she kind of looked like Little Red Riding Hood:)

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