Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Walnut Boats

Who will win this year....?

Rooster has been looking forward to the competition. She insisted that a trophy be given out to the winner. So guess what I was making this afternoon:)

7:30- My boat went down in the first minute.

7:35- GH's boat sunk. He looks devastated doesn't he?

7:37- Roosters boat sunk. But, she still sat and watched.
7:41 - All the kids got bored and left the kitchen.
7:45- I started to wonder how long this was going to last.
8:00- I went to the bathroom
8:10 -Captain Awesome went to get a pop from the fridge
8:11 -Captain Awesome's boat sunk
8:12 Big Dog was presented with his trophy.

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