Sunday, January 31, 2010


Captain Awesome and I finally took the kids across state lines. It's true, yesterdays adventure took us all the way to the exotic land of Council Bluffs, Iowa. One of Captain Awesome's Facebook buddies told us there was a model train expo going on. So we thought the kids would enjoy it....or at least GH would enjoy it. Most of what GH says is still pretty muffled. But, he knows trains go "choo choo" and that conductors say "All aboard". I'm sure most people would just here babbling but we can hear it when he says it:)

GH was facinated by all the trains. He loved watching them go by. He would say "choo choo" at almost every train we saw. There were a lot of trains:) GH has never seen Thomas the Train. But, I suppose that doesn't matter. The older kids have never seen Thomas the Train either and Rooster knows who Thomas is. That's weird...but, it must be some kind of pop culture phenomenon.
We saw really interesting landscapes/backdrops for the train sets. I think the carnivals were my favorites:) Big Dog was only mildly entertained. I guess trains aren't his thing. But, Rooster and GH had a great time.

I have to be honest. When Captain Awesome suggested this activity I thought it would be sort of lame. But, even I had a good time.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Since I'm like a parenting expert. I thought I'd pass along this gem.

What's that?

GH is fascinated by everything at the pool including the squiggly lines on the wall. He points to the wall and asks "What's that?". Well I suppose there are a lot of technical terms....but it's the sunlight reflecting off the water and onto the wall.

Big Dog thinks the squiggly lines are cool but he was too busy feeding his crocodile bird food. That's right! He shoved the mouth of his crocodile into the water jet and said "Eat your bird food". I don't know if he's getting crocodiles confused with dinosaurs. But, I started letting the kids watch Dinosaur Train. Dinosaur Train seems to have a consistent theme about dinosaurs being like birds and some having feathers. So maybe that's where the bird food comment came from. After Big Dog fed his crocodile he held it under water for a while. Then he playfully tried to stab me with its tail. Oh my:O

Tonight we finally got around to watching American Idol. Big Dog decided to stand in front of us and sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider song several times. He was by far the best audition of the night. I'm not saying he's the next American Idol.....but, he is:)

New resident

If you visit our home and look under Roosters bed you might see a monster. But, don't worry it's just Roger. Roger is too scared to come out and play with the kids. I tried to coax him out from under the bed last night but it didn't work. Hopefully he will come out on his own and I won't have to drag him out;D

If you see a crocodile don't forget to scream.

The boys are enjoying their afternoon trips to the pool.

Big Dog has been practicing his kicks and likes to put his face in the water. He also likes to hang on the elevated areas bars. When he does this he will occasionally make monkey sounds. When I tell him that he is my little monkey he laughs.

GH also loves to hang on the bars. But, he doesn't make monkey sounds yet. Instead he spends most of his time playing with his boats. He was trying to sing "Row. Row, Row Your Boat" when we first got to the pool. We sing the version that ends with "If you see a crocodile don't forget to scream" Then we go "Aaaaugh". (It sounds dorky but my kids like it) Anyway, GH would be floating his little boat around then they would go by a crocodile. GH's eyes would get big, he'd scream, and sometimes he would actually back up to get away from the crocodile.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another FYI

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GH's snack time prayer

GH climbed up onto a chair, did his "baseball catchers, sign of the cross", put his hands together and said "h,i,j,k,l,m".

At least he has the idea:)

Tot School Week #2

Interesting.....somehow this photo got flipped when I was editing it. Oh well. We've been working with counting this week. Thank goodness our poster doesn't really look like that. It sure would be confusing:)

GH worked with some puzzles.

He also did some advanced math on his abacus;)

We got a lot of use out of our bird identification books this week. Thank you Krimsin and Shelia:D You know just what my kids like.

GH worked with this cute horse magnet board. But, he kept making growling noises. (We've been working on what sounds the animals make. But, he still doesn't quite have them down yet:))
GH isn't learning flags yet. But, he always points to the Japanese flag. He has started pointing out circles. I think its the only shape he knows so far.

His bead track didn't keep his interest long.
Big Dog sorted candy hearts by color. He is so goofy. He sorts really well. But, he gets so excited when he starts an activity that its hard for him to concentrate.

Big Dog and I both struggle with tanagrams. I suppose he would be better able to focus if I gave him more opportunities to do it. I'm awful at these things, coupled with his excitement....we basically have no chance of ever doing this activity well:(
Rooster loves the "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly" activity set that Aunt Shelia got her.

A little shape sorting.
The letter A was our letter for the week. So we did apple prints.
GH also made time to work with beads.

GH loved the popsicle stick into a pop bottle activity. Although it didn't prove as challenging as I thought it would.

Rooster did some Bear Math.
Big Dog loved the Kumon folding activity this week. Although he did like this one the most. Maybe he really just liked making the little boy cry.......

more shapes...hooray!
We worked with values. But, GH just liked to move the caps:)

We also worked with scooping and pouring skills.

GH doesn't have the attention span for this activity like the older kids. So he ended up driving his car through the rice and beans.
GH and Big Dog are going to the pool together in the afternoon. They have a blast together. It is going much better than I expected. The only negative issue that has arisen is that when it's time to go I have two kids throwing a fit instead of one.
All last week I had been working with GH on how to get in and out of the pool safely. He was unwilling (and I thought unable) to get out on his own. This turned out to be untrue. GH saw a bunch of kids get out and go down the slides. So GH followed them out of the pool, climbed the stairs and slid down the slide to me a few times. I did not see that coming. He's getting very confident in the water. Im glad he's not afraid. But, a healthy fear is a good thing.

Some sort of threat against Captain Awesome

Rooster is our only child who can write words. So I know she did the following drawing. It's hard to make out since it's pink crayon on a white piece of paper. But, I will decipher it for you if you can't make it out.

On the top is the word "Daddy". Then there is a smiley face that has been crossed out with an X. Captain Awesome says that this must be some sort of else could it be interpreted?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More conversations with a Rooster

The other day I asked Rooster what she wanted to be when she grew up. She told me she wanted to be an astronaut. I asked her if she wanted to have any kids when she grew up. She told me she wanted two. I asked her why she only wanted two babies when she grows up but, she wants lots of brothers and sisters. She told me "I will get hurt if I have more than two babies. You have a hundred babies mommy".
Tonight when I tucked them into bed Rooster wanted to talk about what people were going to be when they grew up. These were her responses.

Big Dog: fireman
Henry: detective
Rooster: astronaut
Mom: garbage collector
Dad: builder
Cousin Preston: a Prince (I didn't ask Ru specifics on how this would occur. Just an FYI, something might be in the works. Maybe he's planning to take over a small South American country)
Cousin Imes: A fisherman (on tv)
Cousin Ames: A scuba diver
Jenna: A princess.


Conversations with the Rooster (R is Rooster and K is me)

R: "Mommy,Henry is naughty he needs to be in a cage"
K: "Ruzenka, Henry does not belong in a cage"
R:" Mommy, Henry needs to get in the cage and go to the vet"
K: "Ruzenka, Henry is a person. So he is not getting in a cage. And he is not going to the vet because he's not an animal"
R: "Mommy, he likes it in a cage"


This is a picture of Rooster dressed up like a cowgirl. She looks like shes ready for a dual.
The long arm of the law has embraced our dear pirate Big Dog. I finally got around to shoveling the snow off the porch. So the kids were able to spend time fixing up their bike.

And the good parent got to hang out with the kids:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tot School

We started Tot School again this week. We are gradually getting back into the swing of things. So this week is not very impressive.

One of GH's favorite things to do this week was to go to the pool. I think that counts for some kind of physical education class:) He likes putting his ears in the water. He also enjoys attempting to do back floats. He can't blow bubbles yet. Instead he tries to taste the water by sticking out his tongue. .

GH worked with his nesting/stacking blocks a lot. He loves them.

more stacking

and more stacking activities

We read a lot of books this week. I was lucky enough to snag these books at the library book store for 50 cents each. I love this series. The library has many more available for checkout. But, I wonder if I'm the only one checking them out?

We worked with animal flashcards this week. Rooster helped teach GH. I would hold up a card, say what it was then she would act like the animal. This picture was taken when Rooster was pretending to be a horse. GH got down and pretended to be a horse with her:) GH would follow Rooster anywhere.

At one point I pulled the otter flashcard. The kids are suppose to be an otter by laying on their back, and using their tummies as tables to eat off of. Big Dog laid beside Rooster but didn't eat. So Rooster moved his hands and made him eat. I wish I would have had the camera. Unfortunately, I can't have the camera on all the time....or can I?

The kiddos

If any of my children ever become a tattoo artist, my money is on Big Dog. He likes to color on everything including himself. I tried to give Big Dog a mom tattoo. He laughed hysterically the whole time. When Rooster saw it she got jealous. So I had to give Rooster a tattoo also. As you can see, if Big Dog's future vocation is tattoo art, he didn't get the talent from me:D

On Thursday, Rooster came home very upset. She lost her lunch box. I told her if she didn't find it at school today that we would buy her a new one. Well, that wasn't good enough. She wanted HER lunch box;) Luckily, her lunchbox was accidentally taken home by a friend who returned it this morning. But, yesterday she was pretty upset. So I let the kids make cupcakes. Half of my Valentine confetti candy is gone now;)
This is a picture that was taken right before we sat down to watch American Idol.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

GH uses the potty for the first time

Sorry if this post grosses you out:D But, (hehe) I knew GH was about to go. So I put him on the potty.

Beach Party

Rooster has been asking for a beach party. So I told her we could have one when she got back from school today. When I got her off the bus I mentioned the party to her. The teacher said that Rooster had been talking about a beach party on the drive home. So I guess she must have been pretty excited.

Rooster quickly got into her swimsuit and joined her brothers on the towels I laid out. Rooster wasn't impressed with the construction paper sun I she had to add some pink clouds. She also made a surf board out of brown construction paper which I thought was pretty creative:) She also enjoyed playing ball with GH. GH and Big Dog really enjoyed ice pops, and whale crackers they had for snack.

Rooster loved the Luau music...(thanks Amanda).

Big Dog shows off his new sweater

I know Stephanie can't wait to see this ridiculous sweater. So I had Big Dog show it off....I got a pretty good picture of it.
When I saw this sweater it made me laugh. So I knew I had to buy it. Why would a T-Rex be wearing a scarf and skiing? That is just ridiculous.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can Barbie still wear white?

Rooster is all about throwing parties. She insisted that her Aunt Shell needed a pirate themed birthday party. And grandma needed a birthday party with lots of feathers (feather boas) and tea.

Today we decided that Barbie needs to get married. I guess it's probably about time for Ken to make an honest woman of her......or the other way around:) Of course our first concern is marriage prep. I'm sure Barbie and Ken will love the scan tron tests to gauge their compatibility and maturity. But, lets be honest they are plastic toys. How much do they have to have in common? And anyway, they have been together for fifty years so I'm sure they are compatible enough. This wedding day is about making their ongoing love affair legit;)

So that just leaves us with all the fun wedding day planning. Picking out table settings, flower arrangements and of course the dress. Our Barbies don't have any white dresses. But, can our Barbie even wear white? Or will her guests just snicker? What do you think? Should I go on E-bay and buy a white dress, or "other"?

It 's fabulous....

Grandma and Grandpa came to our house for lunch. Rooster decided that it was a good enough reason to get dressed up and throw a party.
She set up a table for guests.
(Photo credit: Rooster)
But, an uninvited guest arrived. How awkward!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fun in the snow

The snow was blocking the door of the playhouse. So I took the door off so the kids could get in. The boys were not happy about the door being off. They spent about five minutes trying to figure out how to get it back on before they gave up:)

Captain Awesome spent a lot of time giving the kids rides in the sled.
GH could barely move his car. We feel your pain GH.

Rooster was upset when the last snow storm came through and knocked over her snow man. She told Captain Awesome that she wanted to make a snow princess.

So Captain Awesome helped Rooster make her snow princess.

Do you like the snow princess' tree bark tiara? I know...its fabulous;)