Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can Barbie still wear white?

Rooster is all about throwing parties. She insisted that her Aunt Shell needed a pirate themed birthday party. And grandma needed a birthday party with lots of feathers (feather boas) and tea.

Today we decided that Barbie needs to get married. I guess it's probably about time for Ken to make an honest woman of her......or the other way around:) Of course our first concern is marriage prep. I'm sure Barbie and Ken will love the scan tron tests to gauge their compatibility and maturity. But, lets be honest they are plastic toys. How much do they have to have in common? And anyway, they have been together for fifty years so I'm sure they are compatible enough. This wedding day is about making their ongoing love affair legit;)

So that just leaves us with all the fun wedding day planning. Picking out table settings, flower arrangements and of course the dress. Our Barbies don't have any white dresses. But, can our Barbie even wear white? Or will her guests just snicker? What do you think? Should I go on E-bay and buy a white dress, or "other"?

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