Friday, January 22, 2010

The kiddos

If any of my children ever become a tattoo artist, my money is on Big Dog. He likes to color on everything including himself. I tried to give Big Dog a mom tattoo. He laughed hysterically the whole time. When Rooster saw it she got jealous. So I had to give Rooster a tattoo also. As you can see, if Big Dog's future vocation is tattoo art, he didn't get the talent from me:D

On Thursday, Rooster came home very upset. She lost her lunch box. I told her if she didn't find it at school today that we would buy her a new one. Well, that wasn't good enough. She wanted HER lunch box;) Luckily, her lunchbox was accidentally taken home by a friend who returned it this morning. But, yesterday she was pretty upset. So I let the kids make cupcakes. Half of my Valentine confetti candy is gone now;)
This is a picture that was taken right before we sat down to watch American Idol.

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