Sunday, January 24, 2010

More conversations with a Rooster

The other day I asked Rooster what she wanted to be when she grew up. She told me she wanted to be an astronaut. I asked her if she wanted to have any kids when she grew up. She told me she wanted two. I asked her why she only wanted two babies when she grows up but, she wants lots of brothers and sisters. She told me "I will get hurt if I have more than two babies. You have a hundred babies mommy".
Tonight when I tucked them into bed Rooster wanted to talk about what people were going to be when they grew up. These were her responses.

Big Dog: fireman
Henry: detective
Rooster: astronaut
Mom: garbage collector
Dad: builder
Cousin Preston: a Prince (I didn't ask Ru specifics on how this would occur. Just an FYI, something might be in the works. Maybe he's planning to take over a small South American country)
Cousin Imes: A fisherman (on tv)
Cousin Ames: A scuba diver
Jenna: A princess.

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