Sunday, January 24, 2010


Conversations with the Rooster (R is Rooster and K is me)

R: "Mommy,Henry is naughty he needs to be in a cage"
K: "Ruzenka, Henry does not belong in a cage"
R:" Mommy, Henry needs to get in the cage and go to the vet"
K: "Ruzenka, Henry is a person. So he is not getting in a cage. And he is not going to the vet because he's not an animal"
R: "Mommy, he likes it in a cage"


This is a picture of Rooster dressed up like a cowgirl. She looks like shes ready for a dual.
The long arm of the law has embraced our dear pirate Big Dog. I finally got around to shoveling the snow off the porch. So the kids were able to spend time fixing up their bike.

And the good parent got to hang out with the kids:)

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  1. I'm sorry your daughter cracks me up. I wished you guys were closer. That pic of the Rooster is just flippin' AWESOME

    Nice wheels! Looks better then the one I bought Logan!


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