Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tot School Week #2

Interesting.....somehow this photo got flipped when I was editing it. Oh well. We've been working with counting this week. Thank goodness our poster doesn't really look like that. It sure would be confusing:)

GH worked with some puzzles.

He also did some advanced math on his abacus;)

We got a lot of use out of our bird identification books this week. Thank you Krimsin and Shelia:D You know just what my kids like.

GH worked with this cute horse magnet board. But, he kept making growling noises. (We've been working on what sounds the animals make. But, he still doesn't quite have them down yet:))
GH isn't learning flags yet. But, he always points to the Japanese flag. He has started pointing out circles. I think its the only shape he knows so far.

His bead track didn't keep his interest long.
Big Dog sorted candy hearts by color. He is so goofy. He sorts really well. But, he gets so excited when he starts an activity that its hard for him to concentrate.

Big Dog and I both struggle with tanagrams. I suppose he would be better able to focus if I gave him more opportunities to do it. I'm awful at these things, coupled with his excitement....we basically have no chance of ever doing this activity well:(
Rooster loves the "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly" activity set that Aunt Shelia got her.

A little shape sorting.
The letter A was our letter for the week. So we did apple prints.
GH also made time to work with beads.

GH loved the popsicle stick into a pop bottle activity. Although it didn't prove as challenging as I thought it would.

Rooster did some Bear Math.
Big Dog loved the Kumon folding activity this week. Although he did like this one the most. Maybe he really just liked making the little boy cry.......

more shapes...hooray!
We worked with values. But, GH just liked to move the caps:)

We also worked with scooping and pouring skills.

GH doesn't have the attention span for this activity like the older kids. So he ended up driving his car through the rice and beans.
GH and Big Dog are going to the pool together in the afternoon. They have a blast together. It is going much better than I expected. The only negative issue that has arisen is that when it's time to go I have two kids throwing a fit instead of one.
All last week I had been working with GH on how to get in and out of the pool safely. He was unwilling (and I thought unable) to get out on his own. This turned out to be untrue. GH saw a bunch of kids get out and go down the slides. So GH followed them out of the pool, climbed the stairs and slid down the slide to me a few times. I did not see that coming. He's getting very confident in the water. Im glad he's not afraid. But, a healthy fear is a good thing.

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