Friday, January 22, 2010

Tot School

We started Tot School again this week. We are gradually getting back into the swing of things. So this week is not very impressive.

One of GH's favorite things to do this week was to go to the pool. I think that counts for some kind of physical education class:) He likes putting his ears in the water. He also enjoys attempting to do back floats. He can't blow bubbles yet. Instead he tries to taste the water by sticking out his tongue. .

GH worked with his nesting/stacking blocks a lot. He loves them.

more stacking

and more stacking activities

We read a lot of books this week. I was lucky enough to snag these books at the library book store for 50 cents each. I love this series. The library has many more available for checkout. But, I wonder if I'm the only one checking them out?

We worked with animal flashcards this week. Rooster helped teach GH. I would hold up a card, say what it was then she would act like the animal. This picture was taken when Rooster was pretending to be a horse. GH got down and pretended to be a horse with her:) GH would follow Rooster anywhere.

At one point I pulled the otter flashcard. The kids are suppose to be an otter by laying on their back, and using their tummies as tables to eat off of. Big Dog laid beside Rooster but didn't eat. So Rooster moved his hands and made him eat. I wish I would have had the camera. Unfortunately, I can't have the camera on all the time....or can I?


  1. Nice score - I totally would have bought those if I'd gotten to the library first...we haven't been out since Thanksgiving! FYI: We've checked them out a few times...

  2. Love those books, had no idea the library has them. I will have to check next time, thanks!


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