Sunday, January 31, 2010


Captain Awesome and I finally took the kids across state lines. It's true, yesterdays adventure took us all the way to the exotic land of Council Bluffs, Iowa. One of Captain Awesome's Facebook buddies told us there was a model train expo going on. So we thought the kids would enjoy it....or at least GH would enjoy it. Most of what GH says is still pretty muffled. But, he knows trains go "choo choo" and that conductors say "All aboard". I'm sure most people would just here babbling but we can hear it when he says it:)

GH was facinated by all the trains. He loved watching them go by. He would say "choo choo" at almost every train we saw. There were a lot of trains:) GH has never seen Thomas the Train. But, I suppose that doesn't matter. The older kids have never seen Thomas the Train either and Rooster knows who Thomas is. That's weird...but, it must be some kind of pop culture phenomenon.
We saw really interesting landscapes/backdrops for the train sets. I think the carnivals were my favorites:) Big Dog was only mildly entertained. I guess trains aren't his thing. But, Rooster and GH had a great time.

I have to be honest. When Captain Awesome suggested this activity I thought it would be sort of lame. But, even I had a good time.

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