Friday, January 29, 2010

What's that?

GH is fascinated by everything at the pool including the squiggly lines on the wall. He points to the wall and asks "What's that?". Well I suppose there are a lot of technical terms....but it's the sunlight reflecting off the water and onto the wall.

Big Dog thinks the squiggly lines are cool but he was too busy feeding his crocodile bird food. That's right! He shoved the mouth of his crocodile into the water jet and said "Eat your bird food". I don't know if he's getting crocodiles confused with dinosaurs. But, I started letting the kids watch Dinosaur Train. Dinosaur Train seems to have a consistent theme about dinosaurs being like birds and some having feathers. So maybe that's where the bird food comment came from. After Big Dog fed his crocodile he held it under water for a while. Then he playfully tried to stab me with its tail. Oh my:O

Tonight we finally got around to watching American Idol. Big Dog decided to stand in front of us and sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider song several times. He was by far the best audition of the night. I'm not saying he's the next American Idol.....but, he is:)

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