Monday, January 4, 2010

A zoo-rific day

We were a little over dressed when we got to the desert habitat.

When we walked in we heard a really loud noise. The ice and snow on the outside of the dome was melting and falling down the side of the dome. It was pretty loud. It creeped GH out. But, I thought it was kind of cool to watch the ice fall.

The butterfly habitat was fun. But we only saw a few different types of butterflies. Big Dog tried to take some of the butterflies fruit:D
The kids loved the aquarium. Since, there were very few people at the zoo. We spent at least a 30 minutes in the tube enjoying all the aquatic life. I will post some of Roosters photos on her blog soon. Rooster loved seeing the sea turtles and sharks. The boys loved seeing everything. They also loved being able to run freely.
GH said "wow" several times in the aquarium. He was very impressed with the fish. Rooster loved seeing the jelly fish. Which she claims are her favorite. But, I wonder why they are her favorite. She was watching the jelly fish when she asked Captain Awesome "Dad can we have some peanut butter and jelly fish sandwiches?" Hmmm?
The kids loved seeing the penguins too. I think the aquarium is our favorite place at the zoo. So we are glad it can be enjoyed year round:)

GH ran around most of the morning saying "cheese" but he didn't want anything to do with this picture op. Honestly, that thing would have scared me at his age too.

Our children might be able to hold their own in fights with these penguins.
The jungle was awesome. GH loved the waterfalls and parrots.
We bought a pass early this year. Hopefully, that means we really get our moneys worth this year:)

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