Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our life in sketches- today

Captain Awesome and I found great seats at the back of the church today. I was so excited when I saw the back pew open that I forgot to let GH get his holy water and make the sign of the cross. The first few minutes he kept pointing at a font and crying. So I took him back. A few minutes later some late arrivers were making comments about the full church . Meanwhile my children were toasting each other....or maybe toasting their good seats:)

During Communion Rooster started to pout. I asked her what was wrong. She said "I want to go over there" I told her "We can't go up for Communion" She asked why we couldn't I told her "Well mommy isn't perfect. Sometimes I do things that God doesn't like when I get mad or I yell. And I haven't been to Confession yet." She continued to pout so I told her " Its important to always tell God you are sorry when you do bad things right away. But, then you should go to Confession so the priest can talk to you about what you did. The priest tells you if you have done a good enough job making a full apology to God. Then he also gives you ideas so you dont do the bad thing again" Rooster then asked "Are you going to jail mommy?" :D Good Lord I hope not. Half the mommies in the world would be in jail:)
We went to grandma and grandpas ranch. GH stole grandma's walker and helped me eat some cookies. Before we left grandpa took us to see the newborn calves. One of the angus looking cows just had a charolais looking calf. GH knew to angus was a cow and GH would moo. But, he thought the charolais looking calf was a lamb and kept saying "baa". I tried to explain it to him. But, the calf was all wet and icky, so GH was convinced that the calf was a lamb. Rooster was shocked when she saw a cow poop right in front of her. hahaha:D
On the way home the kids had to listen to this conversation......

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our day in pictures

My kids decided to start a car pool for the morning commute.

Rooster and her little friend at gymnastics class.
While the boys and I waited for Roosters classes to be over, GH learned to blow bubbles.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Big Dog's new action figures

Rooster is the new Cake Boss

Earlier this week Rooster decided that my birthday cake should be crocodile themed. She also decided that the crocodile should be made out of pickles. I thought this was pretty creative, and that we should try to fulfill Roosters vision of the perfect birthday cake. Big Dog and I made the chocolate cake per Roosters request, this afternoon. Then we cut up the pickles to construct the crocodile. It all passed Roosters thorough inspection. However, she had to help frost the cake.....some things were only meant to be done by the professionals:)

We actually had a few better pictures. But, I like this one the best. The boys both were squirming and trying to get to the cake....and Rooster was desperately trying to draw attention to herself. Yep, it all seems about right:)

What a great birthday:)

Tot School - Letter of the Week E (and other activities)

We used a toy elephant to make elephant tracks.
Rooster attempted to do rhyming flashcards.
Rooster didn't do so well with patterns. She use to be much better at it. But, don't worry she can explain and its simple "He ate my pattern!"

Big Dog enjoyed the Elmo Happy and You Know It book. But, he obviously didn't like my camera flashes:)

GH was busy working on a Canadian flag in celebration of the Olympics.

We did Easter egg counting match up. I think this was originally on The Wonder Years blog. If I'm incorrect please leave a comment. Anyway, you use one color of Easter eggs. On the top you put stickers on the bottom you write a number. Then the child matches up the correct number of stickers to the correct number.

We searched for the letter E cookie cutter.

We made an upper case letter E out of strips of foam paper.

Thats about it for this week. Hopefully, I do better next week.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yo Yo's

The boys were amazed by Captains Awesomes yo yo skills. So they had to try too:)

Tonight at the Childrens Museum

We spent the evening at the Children's Museum. It went a lot better than what I expected. Of course there are always a few bumps in the road. The first 20 minutes we were there GH didn't realize there was more than the state trooper car. Big Dog and GH sat in the front seat and played with the sirens. At least they weren't in the backseat getting hauled off;)

Rooster loved the space stuff.

GH eventually calmed down enough to discover other toys besides the patrol car.

GH then got super psyched about all the trains on second floor.

Big Dog got super psyched to look at his reflection, in every mirror he could find. He didn't get his conceit from me. He got it from Captain Awesome. But, Captain Awesome says its not his fault that he is a "beautiful Swede".

Big Dog and Rooster enjoyed the gopher holes.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The early birds wake up mama

It was another early wake up at our house. At five the kids decided that it was time to wake up for the day. (This is early...but, at least when they woke up at 3:30 they went back to sleep:))GH shares his sisters love of birds. By 6am he was dragging his basket of bird books around insisting that I read to him. Then he would fly one of his birds around saying "tweet tweet".

Monday, February 22, 2010

Is this bear for real?

Captain Awesome decided that the kids needed a Teddy Ruxpin. So I found one on eBay. I was pretty disappointed with Teddy at first because he wouldn't work. Then when Teddy began to work it scared Big Dog. Big Dog watched Teddy's eyes and mouth move, and that was it. Big Dog high tailed it out of the room only looking back once he reached the door. The boy was terrified. Eventually, Big Dog gave Teddy another chance. When the drama was finally over, they all had a good time together:)

Olympic treat

Joann from 10 kids and a dog always has the most interesting activities. (Her link is at the side of my blog) The other day she made a chocolate chip cookie cake. Then they used M&M's to create the rings of the Olympic flag. Mine didn't turn out as well as hers. Perhaps because I just made a big cookie.....but, its still ended up pretty cute.

Do you know what the best thing about the Olympic flag is? Some people might say the symbolism. But, I say the best part is that it doesn't have an orange ring. Why is that the best part? Well if you make this treat there is no orange ring. So you get to eat all the orange M&M's right away:D Big Dog wasn't really on board with that. He wanted to sort out all of the M&M's first. What kind of kid doesn't eat the M&M's along the way, especially when he's been given the go ahead? Oh well, I ate enough M&M's for the both of us:)

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Captain Awesome invited some college friends over tonight to play cards. So the kids and I headed to Boingz. They had a blast! There were several families there. Including a family with nine children. So it was easy to find new friends to play with. Rooster loves the obstacle course and giant slide in the picture below. I got through it ONCE the last time we were there. Lets just say I'm not at my peak physical condition anymore;)

GH thought he could make it through the obstacle course;)
After being there for a few minutes Big Dog ventured onto every inflatable with the exception of the obstacle course. He went in a few times but changed his mind. But, I think he had a great time.
It took me several shots to get him to look at the time I got this photo he was annoyed.

When we left Boingz I got the kids buckled up and immediately I started hearing Roosters demands for "french fries and hamburgers". I told them I would get them some food at the first fast food place I saw. Rooster said "French fries and hamburgers" I said "Yes Rooster we will get them" Then GH lets out the most adorable little whine "pleeaassse". We drove for several blocks and finally found a Burger King. I drove through the drive thru and the kids saw the play area. So of course I asked them "Do you want to play in the indoor playground?" I don't know what I was if they'd say "No mom...we don't want to play" So I ended up taking them inside to eat the food we paid for in the drive thru. On the bright side, this trip was actually easier then usual:) The kids were so well behaved. I suppose complete exhaustion from the trip to Boingz might have had something to do with their perfect behavior. Although Id like to believe this display of perfect behavior is due to my superb parenting abilities:D
Anyway, here are some pictures of our visit to Burger King;D Boy, I bet you are glad I just happened to still have my camera in my purse. You don't want to miss a moment of the action in our lives;D

Yes, that is GH behind the greasy finger prints. I know.....ick!

Roosters Busy Morning

Rooster had gymnastics class and a swim lesson this morning. The classes are back to back. So she has to wear her swimsuit under her gymnastics outfit.

Rooster can't do all the skills that her classmates can. (Some of the girls have been in gymnastics for years. And some of the skills are a little to difficult) But, she enjoys being part of the class. She is always smiling and says that she loves it. In the picture below Rooster is walking on the balance beam.
In the picture below, Rooster is the child on the far left with the orange suit on. I really like her teacher and despite my previous concerns, that she would be young and completely incompetent;) she surprised me:D

These are a few of Roosters favorite things.....

Rooster said to me "Let me tell you my favorites. I like spaghetti, corn and Pizza Hut".


GH loves saying random letters and "duck, duck, goose".

Big Dog also loves saying "duck, duck, goose". But, I think he enjoys the tapping (or what has become pushing) when playing this game. He knocked GH over the other day while playing Duck, Duck, Goose. Big Dog asked "Are you ok?" as he ran away. I guess he was determined to get away from GH the goose. But, at least he was courteous enough to ask if GH was ok.

Friday, February 19, 2010

recognizing the accomplishments of others

Rooster has learned a thing or two in kindergarten. For instance if you really want to motivate people all you need is stickers. She gave Captain Awesome a sticker and said "This is for doing a good job at work today". Then she slapped a sticker on me saying "This is for cooking dinner tonight". We laughed as she put a sticker on herself for passing out stickers;) So we were feeling pretty good. Our hard work was finally being recognized. Then she put a sticker on her sock monkey....WHY ROOSTER?

Someone has been missing his sister.....

Tot School - Featuring D the letter of the week

I've been adding things to this post through the week. But for some reason my blog won't let me add more pictures to this post. So I guess there will be two parts to this weeks Tot School. So without further delay (because really whats the point of saving this post until later) here is Tot School for this week part one.

With my first two children I exposed them to a lot of Spanish from the beginning. I haven't done the same with GH. We just kind of just abandoned Spanish one day. So when I pulled out the Spanish speaking Tad GH was amused. He knew that something wasn't quite right and he started laughing hysterically. I don't know what that means;)

GH worked with small dominoes.

Farm animal puzzles and match ups for GH ( We used tiles to spell out Dentist/dental words (

Dinosaur shape puzzles were a hit with Rooster (

Matching animals to animal tracks. (Montessoriforeveryone)

File folder Easter egg match up (

Roosters letter D sight words

Dreidel starts with D, so does dot to dot.

Drive in movie for the boys toy cars.

Doll prints (Mozi Esme)

We made a dog out of a square piece of brown paper (Mozi Esme)

Drums start with D.

Matching upper and lowercase letters. I should have made this activity horizontally. Big Dog had a hard time reaching the top letters.

Rooster used her duck lacing card.

We traced D's with rice and beans.

GH enjoyed working on his fine motor skills with these.

Big Dog enjoyed these homemade puzzles.

Rooster has been asking to practice measuring. So I finally got around to the difficult task of drawing a bunch of lines for her to measure:D

We practiced fine motor skills by using dinosaur stickers. We used the small dinosaur stickers to trace the letter D.

We also listened to Claude Debussy and Antonin Dvorak's music on We also listened to the song of the Mourning Dove at