Saturday, February 20, 2010


Captain Awesome invited some college friends over tonight to play cards. So the kids and I headed to Boingz. They had a blast! There were several families there. Including a family with nine children. So it was easy to find new friends to play with. Rooster loves the obstacle course and giant slide in the picture below. I got through it ONCE the last time we were there. Lets just say I'm not at my peak physical condition anymore;)

GH thought he could make it through the obstacle course;)
After being there for a few minutes Big Dog ventured onto every inflatable with the exception of the obstacle course. He went in a few times but changed his mind. But, I think he had a great time.
It took me several shots to get him to look at the time I got this photo he was annoyed.

When we left Boingz I got the kids buckled up and immediately I started hearing Roosters demands for "french fries and hamburgers". I told them I would get them some food at the first fast food place I saw. Rooster said "French fries and hamburgers" I said "Yes Rooster we will get them" Then GH lets out the most adorable little whine "pleeaassse". We drove for several blocks and finally found a Burger King. I drove through the drive thru and the kids saw the play area. So of course I asked them "Do you want to play in the indoor playground?" I don't know what I was if they'd say "No mom...we don't want to play" So I ended up taking them inside to eat the food we paid for in the drive thru. On the bright side, this trip was actually easier then usual:) The kids were so well behaved. I suppose complete exhaustion from the trip to Boingz might have had something to do with their perfect behavior. Although Id like to believe this display of perfect behavior is due to my superb parenting abilities:D
Anyway, here are some pictures of our visit to Burger King;D Boy, I bet you are glad I just happened to still have my camera in my purse. You don't want to miss a moment of the action in our lives;D

Yes, that is GH behind the greasy finger prints. I know.....ick!

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  1. I need to get Logan out there. It looks like he would have a blast.


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