Friday, February 12, 2010

Go to Canada for syrup.....stay to watch KD Lang

We tried not to laugh at the opening ceremony of the Olympics. But, they made it pretty hard not to laugh. Canada is trying to convince us that they are more than maple syrup and hockey. But, lets be honest....they aren't. Why are they so ashamed? Everyone loves maple syrup...Yummy!

Captain Awesome said to Rooster, "Look at the Canadian flag". Rooster informed him. "It's not a flag daddy. It's a leaf".
Yes, my dear Rooster it is a leaf. But, the Canadians love that leaf...and syrup;)
I don't know why people push the whole diversity thing so hard. Each country doesn't have to be this vast ocean of diversity. There is nothing wrong with liking hockey and drinking bottles of syrup at breakfast. (I mean its not super healthy....but, Canada is still a free country)


  1. When KD Lang sang, Little Dude asked who that guy was singing!

  2. Thanks for the spell check Krimsin. That must be the reason I didnt find anything on her. Im obviously not a big fan;)


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