Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our life in sketches- today

Captain Awesome and I found great seats at the back of the church today. I was so excited when I saw the back pew open that I forgot to let GH get his holy water and make the sign of the cross. The first few minutes he kept pointing at a font and crying. So I took him back. A few minutes later some late arrivers were making comments about the full church . Meanwhile my children were toasting each other....or maybe toasting their good seats:)

During Communion Rooster started to pout. I asked her what was wrong. She said "I want to go over there" I told her "We can't go up for Communion" She asked why we couldn't I told her "Well mommy isn't perfect. Sometimes I do things that God doesn't like when I get mad or I yell. And I haven't been to Confession yet." She continued to pout so I told her " Its important to always tell God you are sorry when you do bad things right away. But, then you should go to Confession so the priest can talk to you about what you did. The priest tells you if you have done a good enough job making a full apology to God. Then he also gives you ideas so you dont do the bad thing again" Rooster then asked "Are you going to jail mommy?" :D Good Lord I hope not. Half the mommies in the world would be in jail:)
We went to grandma and grandpas ranch. GH stole grandma's walker and helped me eat some cookies. Before we left grandpa took us to see the newborn calves. One of the angus looking cows just had a charolais looking calf. GH knew to angus was a cow and GH would moo. But, he thought the charolais looking calf was a lamb and kept saying "baa". I tried to explain it to him. But, the calf was all wet and icky, so GH was convinced that the calf was a lamb. Rooster was shocked when she saw a cow poop right in front of her. hahaha:D
On the way home the kids had to listen to this conversation......

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