Sunday, February 14, 2010

Preparing for Lent

This is my first Lenten project. I am making three sets of these Easter story eggs. (one set for our children, then a set for each of our godchildren) Each egg has a bible verse listed on it and inside each egg is a little trinket that represents that part of the story. I think my kids will love it.....or at least love making a mess with it;)

I already set up our home altar in preparation for Lent. I know I'm setting it up early but we have a lot going on Wednesday: early Mass, playgroup and two teacher I figured it was ok. I think I'm actually suppose to have all of our stuff covered with purple sheets even though its just a home altar. I suppose I should actually find out. In the meantime I plan on enjoying our cute little Palm Sunday and Resurrection sets. (I got them through Oriental Trading for about $25. I felt kind of bad about spending that much. Then I saw some $150 sets in Catholic Child. So basically now I don't feel so I had coupon codes;) I know the picture of them isn't great. You will just have to take my word for it....they are super cute. Anyway, I will be sad if I have to cover them up.

I am stealing ideas from Stephanie for my Lenten sacrifices. Why? Apparently, I'm not capable of original thought. So I'm stealing one of her ideas from last year. I will not use my dishwasher. In addition we will be doing a little housecleaning. I will donate 40 items each day of Lent. So that should clear out a lot of clutter and help a local charity:)

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