Friday, February 26, 2010

Rooster is the new Cake Boss

Earlier this week Rooster decided that my birthday cake should be crocodile themed. She also decided that the crocodile should be made out of pickles. I thought this was pretty creative, and that we should try to fulfill Roosters vision of the perfect birthday cake. Big Dog and I made the chocolate cake per Roosters request, this afternoon. Then we cut up the pickles to construct the crocodile. It all passed Roosters thorough inspection. However, she had to help frost the cake.....some things were only meant to be done by the professionals:)

We actually had a few better pictures. But, I like this one the best. The boys both were squirming and trying to get to the cake....and Rooster was desperately trying to draw attention to herself. Yep, it all seems about right:)

What a great birthday:)


  1. I love, love this! What an amazing little girl Ru is. :) Happy 29th Birthday Kristi!

  2. Thank you Melaney! I think Rooster is turning into quite an interesting girl:)

  3. Happy Birthday! Did Ru eat the pickle crocodile or let you have it? Maybe you decided it was just too cute to eat. :)

  4. No one could eat the crocodile. The crocodile was held together with toothpicks:D


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