Friday, February 19, 2010

Tot School - Featuring D the letter of the week

I've been adding things to this post through the week. But for some reason my blog won't let me add more pictures to this post. So I guess there will be two parts to this weeks Tot School. So without further delay (because really whats the point of saving this post until later) here is Tot School for this week part one.

With my first two children I exposed them to a lot of Spanish from the beginning. I haven't done the same with GH. We just kind of just abandoned Spanish one day. So when I pulled out the Spanish speaking Tad GH was amused. He knew that something wasn't quite right and he started laughing hysterically. I don't know what that means;)

GH worked with small dominoes.

Farm animal puzzles and match ups for GH ( We used tiles to spell out Dentist/dental words (

Dinosaur shape puzzles were a hit with Rooster (

Matching animals to animal tracks. (Montessoriforeveryone)

File folder Easter egg match up (

Roosters letter D sight words

Dreidel starts with D, so does dot to dot.

Drive in movie for the boys toy cars.

Doll prints (Mozi Esme)

We made a dog out of a square piece of brown paper (Mozi Esme)

Drums start with D.

Matching upper and lowercase letters. I should have made this activity horizontally. Big Dog had a hard time reaching the top letters.

Rooster used her duck lacing card.

We traced D's with rice and beans.

GH enjoyed working on his fine motor skills with these.

Big Dog enjoyed these homemade puzzles.

Rooster has been asking to practice measuring. So I finally got around to the difficult task of drawing a bunch of lines for her to measure:D

We practiced fine motor skills by using dinosaur stickers. We used the small dinosaur stickers to trace the letter D.

We also listened to Claude Debussy and Antonin Dvorak's music on We also listened to the song of the Mourning Dove at

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