Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tot School -- Week #3

*Most of these ideas originated from Chasing Cheerios and No Time For Flashcards:)

We did some Valentine inspired heart cookie cutter paintings. (CC &NTFF)
GH worked on stacking skills. Watch him go!
We worked with bottles of water at varying temperatures. One had frozen water, one was cold, one was was room temp and the last one was "hot". GH didn't like playing with them much. They still kind of creep him out. But, he does enjoy trying to look through the bottles of water:)(CC)
The frozen one really got his attention. He doesn't like to have a bottle in each hand because they are different temps......because thats just weird.
I loved this idea to help children learn their pre-primer sight words. It's a matching game that you keep inside a file folder. This idea came from Muffin Tin Moms blog. Rooster loved it. And I'm very happy she did because I spent a lot of time making her folders. I would have been disappointed if she hated them.

Our little people had an art gallery show.
GH matched the cars to the appropriate colored sheet of paper. I was really surprised he did it so well. He had a hard time with sorting two colors of heart (later in post). It might have been a series of flukes.....or maybe the cars were more interesting.

I intended on having a car wash for GH. But, he didn't like washing the cars and tossed the toothbrush. He preferred to drive his cars through the foam.
GH had a heck of a time sorting the heart into two piles. Maybe I need to have more distinct colors. I didn't even consider the fact that it might have been hard to distinguish between the white and light blue.

The opening containers activity only kept his attention for a little bit.

I made a Valentines sensory box. GH didn't spend much time practicing pouring skills. Instead he chose to dig for candy hearts to eat.

GH insisted on putting on his hat and mittens on when the big kids were getting ready for school. He didn't have anywhere to go. But, I think he didn't want to be left out. Since he had nowhere to go he sat down to read his favorite animal book. I read this book to him several times a day.
GH learned even more about animals with his Learn Through Music system. The kids love the Dora Goes to the Farm cartridge. GH likes to hit the animals so they make noises:)

The boys made a love tree with foam hearts. Each heart had a name of a family member that we love on it. (CC) GH tried to eat a few of the hearts but they didnt taste as good as he thought.
Big Dog practiced cutting skills. (CC)

Big Dog put the corresponding number of candy hearts on the numbered hearts. (CC)

I helped GH spell his name with foam circles.
GH worked with circles....well they were hole reinforcers.

GH and I worked on number values.
GH worked on cutting skills.

GH even found time to work with some puzzles. I've been introducing him to new puzzles. This is providing him with some new challenges. He is struggling. But, luckily he hasn't gotten too frustrated:)
I think we had a pretty good week of Tot School:)

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