Friday, February 12, 2010

Tot School

I'm far too lazy to separate the activities out. So good luck sorting through this mess;) Anyway, C was the letter of the week so we practiced cutting skills.

Rooster cut out hearts. We had to use old maps because I ran out of construction paper.
We used Valentine cookie cutters with our play dough.

They also made glitter C's

We made cards for Make a Child Smile. (As always the link is on the right margin of this blog) We colored pictures of Blacked Caped Chickadees and Cardinals. Rooster use to say her favorite birds were Yellow Warblers. But, now her favorite birds are Cardinals.

I gave each child a bottle full of magnetic letters and told them to spell something with the letters. Surprise surprise they all had the right letters to spell out their names:)
I tried to start GH on a simple memory game using postcards. One of the sets had Chimney Rock on it totally counts for a C activity.

GH does know a few of the letters. And he really likes to read this book. But, he is very resistant when we trace the letters with his fingers.

Poor GH. He looked super bored. I suppose doing a magnetic carnival game is sort of like rubbing salt in a wound....why can't he be at a real carnival? Cotton candy would be it starts with a c;)

We worked with clips. GH and Big Dog still need a lot of help with this activity. I am also wondering what happened to all my cool clips...........

We sorted legos by color. I was so proud of how Big Dog handled his little brother. GH didn't understand how to match up the colors at first (However by the end he did match up a few I was super proud) Anyway, GH kept messing them up when they started. Big Dog just looked at him and redid them all with a smile . He usually gets so frustrated because he can't express himself well verbally......but, not this time. My Big Dog is growing up:)

The boys mixed colors........

then I made the mistake of letting them do the water activity. Syringes, sponges, soap pumps, basters, pitchers, funnels all sound like fun........

then you might run out to the school bus to get your daughter.....and come into the house and see this........

The toilet seat is basically this is a warning....don't leave your kids alone with colored water unless you want to get the bleach out. (He does these things because he's creative...right?)

Now this isn't exactly how I would like the kids to do this counting activity....but, he took everything out on his own. So I'm just going to be proud of him:)
GH has been making lots of calls on the ceiling fan remote control.

GH didn't get to see the Clifford show at all this week. But, he was hugging his Clifford stuffed dog a lot this week.
We made paper plate crowns.

Connect the Dots proved to be exhausting.

Our foam sheets for our name puzzles were destroyed...again. So I replaced them with pieces of cheap shower curtains I picked up at the dollar store. They aren't as pretty but they are cheap and they work:) GH still works with the frozen juice lids instead of the milk caps. He doesn't really put things in his mouth....but, you can't be too careful with little ones.

hmmmm...all I see in this picture is a bunch of crumbs. Sorry, my house is a disaster.

We worked with our Czech kroje paper dolls.We love the Chodsko kroje...because its very similar to our ancestrial village of Zichovice's kroje.

Our Lady of Lourdes was yesterday. Immaculate Conception has a c in it;)

I pulled out a bunch of postcards with c's on them. We found where all the places were on the globe. When we got to Caesars Palace I explained that it was were people went to gamble. Rooster said "Yeah":)

This was GH's favorite counting activity of the week. We counted sticks and placed them into the back of his truck:) Boys.....;)
Rooster and I worked on reading a clock. I don't think we are anywhere near being able to read the minutes.

We made c's and circles out of paper towel rolls. Then used them as stamps. Yes...Big Dog is wearing a life jacket. And I think we covered this.....he's creative;)
We had a car wash. This idea came from Gabby and Karina....two very creative little girls:)

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