Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dying Easter Eggs Take One- Sparkly Tie Dyed Hippie Eggs

Each year during Lent we dye several sets of Easter eggs. My kids can't get enough Easter eggs. It's the Bowhunk in them:) Anyway, Rooster realized that we hadn't dyed any eggs yet. So I ended up pulling an egg dying set out of our Easter storage. We have never done this set before. It was a hit with Big Dog.

GH ended up taking a nasty fall during this activity and cut his lip open. He was still gushing blood when he started pointing back up at the table. He wanted to keep dying eggs;) Captain Awesome looked over at me and said, "Did you notice even after that big fall he didn't let that egg out of his hand?" Well I can't say that I did notice that.....I was too busy getting ice.

Aren't they lovely?


  1. I saw your stained glass project on Catholic Icing, cool!

  2. I have yet to personally do this with Little Dude for 2 reasons: 1 the dirt thing, he freaks out when dirty. But man it was a blast watching him freak out and then my MIL freak out that he freaked out when they did it that one year...and 2 The way our luck is, we would not boil them correctly, they would break OR eat them and get food poisoning. I will once again live thru your awesome crafts with your kids. Miss you!

  3. Lisa- I was super excited that Lacy liked my project:)

    Krimsin--If I ever come across an egg dying activity that isnt messy I will let you know. There has to be somehing:)


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