Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Easter Story Eggs

You can purchase these cute Resurrection Easter eggs on EBay for $16.99.Or you can make it yourself. I chose to make ours using ideas I found in A Treasure Chest of Traditions For Catholic Families by Monica McConkey.
Each egg represents a different part of the Easter story. You don't have to do all parts. But, I can't ever do things the easy way. So I did all 15 eggs that Monica suggested. Rooster loved this activity and sat patiently through the whole story:) The boys might be a too young to really appreciate this activity.
In the picture above you can see the first four eggs in our set. I wrote something similar to this on the eggs with permanent marker

Egg #1
Luke 19:28-38

I did this because I'm disorganized. I also knew my younger ones would open and scatter the trinkets.
Here are the suggestions made for each egg and the corresponding verse. When I didn't have or couldn't fit an object into the egg I printed a picture of the item to place in the egg.

Egg #1 (Lk 19:28-38) palm, donkey
Egg #2 (Mt 26:26) small piece of pita bread or cracker
Egg #3 (Mt 26: 14-15) silver coins
Egg #4 (Mk 14:29-31) toy rooster
Egg #5 (Mk 15:17) purple cloth, picture or wire representation of crown of thorns
Egg #6 (Lk 23:26) cross
Egg#7 (Lk 23:33) nail
Egg #8 (Jn 19:23-24) dice
Egg #9 (Lk 23:36-37) material soaked in vinegar
Egg #10 (Lk 23:44-45) material split in two
Egg #11 (John 19:34) toothpick representing the spear that pierced Jesus' side
Egg #12 (Lk 23:50-54) white cloth
Egg #13 (Mk 16:1-2) cinnamon and cloves represent the spices and ointments prepared by the women
Egg #14 (Mt 27:62-65) stone
Egg #15 (Mt 28:1-10) empty, reminding us of the Empty tomb

This activity inspired a lot of playing with our Palm Sunday and Resurrection set. Not all of it was accurate:)

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  1. I'm so excited about these! We made a set this year. I'll definitely be doing a similar post with these to what I did with the stations of the cross boxes where I link a bunch so we can see everybody's different ideas. I'll be saving the link! :-)


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