Friday, March 12, 2010

GH is not a runt. Average sized kids are fatties

Ok, maybe the average two year old isn't a fatty. But, I think some "big boned" kids are throwing the average off a bit.
My soon to be two year old is so small that he isn't even on the chart. He is 22.13 pounds. I knew he was small but the doctor seemed pretty concerned about it. So of course I'm worried about it now. It's not that he doesn't have lots of opportunities to eat. He just doesn't and he really likes fruits. After GH's doctors appointment I went to the store to get him some high caloried drinks and snacks. He has pretty much turned his nose up at everything except for the Boost drink.
The doctor said that GH needs to eat high calorie foods within reason, and that fruits etc should be secondary for now. The doctors goal for GH is that he has three months to gain five pounds. This would bring him to the 25th percentile.
So GH's training has begun. We are going for something like this......
not like this.......
GH isn't going on the Cartman Weight Gain 3000 dietary plan quite yet. We are staying on Vitamin D milk, no more watering down juices, putting butter on his popcorn. And I'm suppose to wean him. Apparently, he is wasting tummy space on my milk (which I find laughable since I eat lots of high caloried snacks....I'm a total fatty, I was doing my part, because I'm such a good parent:))
If you have some ideas to pump extra calories into him I'd appreciate it if you left comments. Thanks


  1. GH is perfect, the charts are cracked! Seriously though, I have to say I find it laughable that the first thing most Drs say is wean in a case like this. How can breastmilk be anything but the perfect food for our kids? But I guess I can step off my soap box and say that you could add carnation instant breakfast to his milk. I still give Addy extra butter in her mac n cheese and stuff like that. Oh and does GH like cheese? We went through this at Addy's 1 year check and it took about 6 months for her to really get back on the chart and almost a full year for her to get to her current 25th%. I would say that the Dr was being a little over ambitious, I mean their weight gain is meant to be pretty slow by age two. Just my 2 cents, obviously I am not a Dr. If this makes you feel better, GH is obviously a happy, thriving, developmentally on target nearly two year old. Try to remember that!

  2. Thank you Melanie. I will try to keep things in perspective. I will definately do the things you suggested. Ill try to aviod making him a Cartman overnight:)


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