Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I am recovering from the flu. So I haven't done much with the kids.

We did manage to do some St. Patrick coloring pages. We also managed to make our annual leprechaun trap. This year we decided that since leprechauns keep their gold at the end of a rainbow, we would try to trick one this way. We drew a very fancy rainbow and taped it to the outside of a clear draw string bag. We put chocolate gold coins at the bottom of the bag so it looks like the gold is at the end of the rainbow. When the leprechaun goes inside to retrieve his gold his weight will pull the strings together trapping the leprechaun. Seems simple enough to us.

FYI: At the time that this post was published we still hadn't caught an elusive leprechaun.


Leprechauns are tricky. We found our trap emptied of all the chocolate gold coins. The following letter was left in their place.....

So Fred thinks he's pretty clever. But, like I told the kids we are going to have the last laugh. Fred hasn't yet realized that the gold coins are chocolate coins. Boy, is he gonna be disappointed.

Rooster didn't get to go to school today. But, she still enjoyed running around the house in this ridiculous green sweater:)


  1. Dear Kristi,
    THis is a fun activity. I would love to do this with our children. I know they would love it.
    I will have to remember for next year.
    As I was checking my comments to publish. I am fairly sure the space jumped as I was opening the comment and I accidently pushed reject of your comment.
    I am so sorry It wasn't intentional.
    Sometimes ( well often) I rush things and then accidents happen.
    I was so pleased that you enjoyed my blog enough to comment. I did publish your other comment by the way.
    I have loved back looking at the learning you have been doing with your children.
    It is very crative and I LOVE the St Patrick sensory buscket too.
    God Bless

  2. Dont worry about it, things happen. Im glad you liked some of our activities. But, most of the activities are from other blogs....Im not very original;)


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