Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More pictures...blah blah blah

My kids (and the weather but, mostly my kids) have destroyed SEVERAL sand boxes. Frankly, I'm tired of forking over money for stuff I know will break. So I I framed out a new sand box with some bricks we had laying around and a few I bought this morning at the hardware store. It's not the prettiest thing. But, I'm fairly certain my kids can't destroy brick:D The best part about having this sandbox is that lots of children can use it at the same time....if GH will let them;)

Jenna and Calvin came over to play after playgroup. They spent the entire day (except for 15 minutes for dinner) outside until their mom came to pick them up at 7. Needless to say Jenna's pretty white top was not white by the end of the day. The top was definately a candidate for a Tide commercial. The shirt would have made a wonderful before picture.
The girls enjoyed a little field hockey.

Rooster and Big Dog learned how to climb to the top of the playhouse. They got this fine idea after Captain Awesome put GH up there. It's going to be fun breaking them of this little habit. I can't believe this happened. Until today I felt certain that I had instilled in my children a ridiculous amount of fear and paranoia. How could they think this is a good idea?


  1. When in doubt, it's always Dad's fault.

  2. Well its not like Im going to claim responsibility for this one;) hahaha


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