Friday, March 26, 2010

It's adorable when the elderly curse. And pictures from today

GH continues to be picky about what he eats. He likes popcorn so I'm trying to fatten him up with popcorn butter from Orville Redenbacher. It is delicious. I guarantee that even if GH doesn't gain five pounds in the next three months I will.

GH is the first person in my family that has been told to gain weight. It makes me question if he was switched at the hospital;) When I told my mom about his weight issue she immediately asked if they had accused me of starving him, and if the state was going to get involved. Well thanks mom for giving me something more to worry about. Not that I'm not already worried enough. Things like this certainely don't help our already strained relationship. No wonder I'm a complete freakazoid. Anyway, let's not dwell on the fact that my kid is scrawny or that I'm a freakzoid. Look at how cute GH is. He thinks he is a robot:)

And even though he's not even two, he has turned into quite a tracker. Here he is after catching his first rock. He pulled it out to show it to me and said "rock". Thats right my boy is going to be a big game hunter someday. Maybe he might even have one of those lame hunting shows on tv.

You may have noticed the fence in the background of the above picture. We decided to fence in the area from our back door to the back yard. This way I can let the kids run outside without the fear of them getting mowed over by our neighbor. She drives this huge white car thats the size of a boat. The thing barely fits through the alley. Anyway, she can barely see and is always hitting the curb when she pulls into the alley. Sometimes she curses like a sailor which I find endearing beacause it's adorable when old people curse:D My cable guy got into it with her a few months back. It was a loud scene with colorful language. I thought I was going to have to call the cops. Ridiculous....anyway, I really went away from the point of this post:)

At this point you are probably asking, what is the point of this post? Well like all my other posts it's about how cute my kids are. DUH! Here's another picture of my little guy GH.

Rooster in another ridiculous pose:D At least shes having fun.

The kids have enjoyed playing in the dirt pile with Captain Awesomes old trucks. I'm debating whether or not to even do a garden this year. I never keep a garden maintained properly. The only thing that I like about having a garden is that the kids love eatting the veggies. Rooster ate all the brocolli last year before it was even ready. Which is really cute...but, a little gross too.

Big Dog loves the new fence because he gets to spend more time outdoors. He loves being outdoors and he is exhausted by the end of the day
Sweet dreams Big Dog.


  1. You may not be starving the id, but I have picture evidence now you put him in a look at that second pic! We use the same popcorn stuff, they also have flavored salts, or fav are caramel and the garlic parm. I would just let the kids claim the weed patch er garden as a dirt pile to play in. I mean can you resist how happy they look in those pics? Happy kids, no work maintaining for you, I think that's a win/win.

  2. A dirt pile does sound nice:)

    I did see two flavors of salt at the store. But, I didnt buy them because I thought they would be too yummy to resist. As if it matters at this point;)


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