Thursday, March 18, 2010


Big Dog is one lucky dog. Today he spent seven hours outside playing in the backyard. He is a different boy when he gets to spend his days outdoors. He is truly joyful. I have never seen anyone so happy about anything:D Children are so special.....they find so much joy in nature. I know the children have been anxious for spring. One more snow storm and we should be done with winter--Hooray!

The last few days I have been sick. Don't feel too bad for me. Captain Awesome took better care of me then I had taken care of him when he was sick. I also have had two sweet children taking care of me. When I was vomiting Big Dog would come into the bathroom and try to comfort me. One night he even brought me an opened bottle of medicine with a measuring lid. I don't know how he managed to get the child proof lid off. But, it was very sweet...and a little worrisome. Rooster wasn't feeling good on Wednesday so she stayed back from school. She ended up taking care of GH so I could rest;) At one point she told me I needed to eat. She got a jello cup and spoon, then placed them on an activity tray and brought them to me. I could get use to that sort of treatment.

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