Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tonight at the Childrens Museum

Captain Awesome came to the Children's Museum with us tonight. Rooster has been talking about going back since the moment we left. She really wanted dad to come with us too:)

I like this picture of Captain Awesome and Big Dog.
Rooster loved the shuttle, grocery store and the medical clinic. GH and I were Roosters patients at the medical clinic. It's a good thing we went in for a check-up. We didn't know we were so injured and sick. We were in bad shape but Rooster made us well again.
GH loved the Coin Vortex.

The kids spent a lot of time in the grocery store. And Captain Awesome spent a long time training his new associate Rooster;) I'm sure the grocery store area was his favorite part of the museum.....haha
What a face:D

Big Dog was more than happy to finish up his face painting. I didn't get it quite right:) Big Dog spent most of his time running all over the museum. This picture documents the 10 seconds he actually spent in one place:)

Rooster was also a star on stage tonight. She would whip the curtains open and say, "It's Ruzenka!"
GH loves banging on this piano. I think he likes being able to see the keys move more than the actual sound of the piano. GH did not want to play dress up. But, when we were at the water stations he pulled rubber ducks out of the water, walked them on the floor and attempted to quack.

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