Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tot School - Letter of the Week is G

Rooster loves her new Curious George puzzle. She picked it out at the dollar section of Target.

GH loves his new number and alphabet puzzles. I really enjoy working with GH on these things. He's not resistant like the older kids who think they know what to do....even when they don't;)

Big Dog was a fan of these cute scratch away coloring pages. Captain Awesome liked them too:) GH is getting better at sorting shapes. He usually figures a few out before he calls it quits.

GH worked on his fine motor skills.

Rooster and GH made homemade glitter (including green since it starts with G...and we need it to make our glitter g's)

I started making word family flip cards. On this day I let Rooster choose which group she wanted to work with. She's just like her mama, she's got the eye of a slacker. She picked the small set:D

I printed off some St. Patricks match-up activities. The different numbers of shapes etc seemed a bit confusing to Big Dog. Sometimes it does take a few attempts to get it right:)

There were a lot of sight words to match too. Mom really knows how to make it hard;) Next time I will fold over one of the sides so there is less to look at. I can see why it seemed a bit overwhelming.
Big Dog LOVED using the Bingo stamper on these St. Patricks Day pictures.

My printer doesn't make the best color copies. So Big Dog had a hard time differentiating some of these colors. Even though I knew what they were suppose to be it doesn't mean a three year old knows. So I tossed some of the questionable cards.

GH watched me sort our store receipts, Cambells UPC's, Box Tops etc. Then he grabbed a bag and started opening and closing it. It wasn't really Tot School.....but, it goes with the theme.

Rooster doesn't think GH is old enough to make glitter on his own. So he surely isn't old enough to make colored rice. So she had to help him.

We used the green rice to make this St. Patricks Day themed sensory bowl.

Big Dog loved making letters using his foam letter templates.

We went to and listened to Gershwin, Glass and Grieg.

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