Monday, March 22, 2010

A visit from the tooth fairy

I took Rooster to the dentist today to remove her two bottom front teeth. We let it go far too long. I had really wanted to avoid it. So for the last few months we wiggled them, and wiggled them. But they wouldn't budge. Rooster doesn't like going to the dentist. And I hate dealing with the sensory issues that usually occur when we visit a dentist. I know..... I get an A in parenting;)

Anyway, a miracle happened. Even though she had to get a local (which made her bleed) she was calm the whole time. I think the dentists bribe of a large ball with stars in it might of helped a bit;) She didn't cry, gag or vomit. I couldn't believe how smoothly it went. My first emotion was overwhelming relief. But it also made me really envious of people who don't have our struggles. It must be so easy to do the things that are sooooo hard for us.

Before bed Rooster double checked her purple velvet bag to make sure both teeth were there. Then she wanted to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy. This is what she wrote.

Well the Tooth Fairy was unable to find chocolate coins at the Dollar General down the street. But, she was able to find some Rolo's wrapped in gold foil.
The Tooth Fairy (at authored the above note to Rooster with only a few minor alterations.
Dear Ruzenka,
Little child, gently sleeping
Baby teeth, now mine for keeping
Beneath your pillow, under your head
Your teeth I took, your treat I left
Sorry it's not gold coins, this is all that I had
I certainly hope that you are not mad
Your teeth so shiny, so white, so bright
Keep on brushing
And I'll return another night
The Tooth Fairy
I thought the Tooth Fairies note was nice and all. But, she left a huge trail of pixie dust which looks a lot like sprinkled glitter. And everyone knows how I feel about glitter. I'm sure that will be fun to clean up:D

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