Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The weight of our sin

The snow drift covering our rocks outside has melted. So there was no reason to put this activity off any longer. This idea came from A Treasure Chest of Traditions For Catholic Families by Monica McConkey. We were suppose to collect stones of varying sizes. But, since I have little ones we have pretty large rocks. After the rocks were washed and dried, Rooster put crosses on each rock and placed them in a box with a black lid. When we take time and reflect on our sins we will take a rock out. We will write a short note on it about the sin we committed. Then place it in the box with the purple lid. We will see how it gets heavier throughout the remainder of Lent. This will show how our sins are increasing the weight. Then on Easter morning we will empty it. This will show how Jesus suffered the punishment and weight of our sin. I don't have anymore space on our altar so its going in a drawer for now.

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  1. What a great way for kids to visualize the "weight" of their sins! :-)


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