Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yummy Yummy in GH's Tummy......

I usually don't post recipes. Mostly because I'm an awful cook/baker. But, I wanted to share this recipe....in case you are like GH and you need to put on a few pounds.

A week ago my mom sent a care package to the kids. Inside was some gourmet mix that my mom probably wasted a lot of money on.....because that's how she rolls. GH absolutely loved this sweet trail mix. So I decided to try to replicate it. The kids LOVE it and unfortunately so do I;D

I put a healthy layer of store brand Golden Grahams at the bottom of a cake pan. Then I layered a 1 cup of white chocolate chips and 1 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips on top of the Golden Grahams. I put them in the oven at 300 degrees. I waited a few minutes (just long enough for the chips to start to melt) I pulled the pan out of the oven and stirred the mixture very carefully so the melted chocolate would touch a few more Golden Grahams. Next I placed mini marshmallows on to the top. Then I put the pan in the fridge to cool.

When it cooled completely I broke the Golden Graham mixture apart and put it in a large Ziploc bag.

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