Friday, April 30, 2010

Conversations with a Rooster

Some people would say it's Karma. But, I think God is just getting a good laugh at my expense.

I was such a little hippie when I was a kid. I recycled, worried about the aerosol hairspray the other girls were using after gym class in junior high, and my vegetarianism in high school and college were a little over the top. Now God is getting a good laugh at me while I roll my eyes at my five year old daughter. She thinks we need to start composting. And the other day I found her digging in the garbage. I asked her what she was doing. She looked at me grabbed some stuff out of the trash and said. "Mommy, this isn't trash. It goes in the recycling" I was thinking, "Ok hot shot! Captain Planet would be so proud of you."

The other day she pulled the globe off the shelf. She pointed at it saying. "We live here mommy." I said "Yes, we do" Then she said "I want to go there" Where is there? Columbia. The child wants to go to Columbia. It doesn't seem like a good vacation destination to me.

What kind of tree is this?

Big Dog brought this home from school. We would love to plant it. But, we don't know how big it will get. Since we don't have an acreage its kind of important to know how big it's going to get;)

If you know anything about this tree please leave a comment on this blog or on Facebook. Thanks:)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some pictures

Zack (the blue stuffed dog) doesn't take The Garden of the Good Shepard activities very seriously;)

GH and Big Dog cuddled up in a blanket while they watched Roosters soccer game Sunday afternoon.
GH is sportin a new look.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GH goes for a spin

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Life in Sketches

I'm trying to figure out adding text to pictures

not too bad

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Soccer Game

Today was picture day for all the soccer teams. Being the dork I am, I took pictures of the kids walking to where they would get their photos.

And I took pictures when they were getting ready to take photos:D
Then it was time for warm ups. This was actually taken during the game....but, it looks more like a warm up picture to me.

Rooster says she is having a good time in soccer. I guess we will have to take her word for it.
Her coaches are very patient with her.

I got to use my friend Jennas camera while she coached the other team. I think it was a Nikon camera. It made my pictures look crappy in comparison.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

May Day, May Day! Helicopter Parent Down!

This was our first trip to the zoo without Captain Awesome. I am what is called a "helicopter parent". I've actually gotten better over the last few weeks. I hope I don't regress after today.

Everything started out fine. We got to the zoo without a problem. We even found a close parking place even though it was packed. I wrote the children's names and my cell number on each of the kids with a permanent marker. They were all color coordinated etc. So we went about our business. We went to the Garden of Senses....

We took pictures with animals. Rooster got tons of pictures for her photo blog.
Some of the animals weren't real. But, I'm including them in the blog post because I think they are cute pictures.
They even moved the world.

We saw elephants, rhinos, birds, fish, the desert, and jungle. But, could I be happy with that? No! I had to push my luck. I decided to take them to the aquarium for the last stop. Big Dog wanted to pull the wagon. So I helped him pull Rooster and GH. At first it was fine. Then Big Dog started to run. I told him to stop but it was too late. He ran into an embankment and tipped over the wagon. Rooster and GH were strapped in so they both ended up toppling over with the wagon. Roosters arms got all scratched up and GH has a nasty scrape and bruise on his head. I feel awful. Rooster was really mad at Big Dog. But, I told her Big Dog wouldn't hurt them on purpose. It was an accident. If it was any ones fault it was mine for not pulling the wagon by myself. I am happy to report Rooster has forgiven Big Dog and I:) During all the drama I forgot to check Big Dog for injuries. He got scraped up knees. Poor little guy didn't get any sympathy when it happened. When I found the scrapes at home he told me that they hurt and so I gave him kisses.

Movie Night

We finally got around to watching the Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeakquel movie Aunt Crystal bought the kids for Easter. Big Dog loves movie nights....maybe he just really likes pop corn.

The kids loved the movie. They thought it was hilarious.
The only part of the movie that I didn't like was the Chippettes. When they performed they were a little bit too hippy for me. Not peace activist hippie. They danced liked they worked poles for a living. Now, I'm sure the creators of this movie had been under a lot of pressure to really turn it up. I mean....who doesn't want to see a chipmunk who exudes sexuality? Oh that's right...five year olds don't need to see that.
Regardless, it was an awesome movie that I would let the kids watch again. Rooster already has next weeks movie picked out. She heard about The Frog Princess at school and really wants to see it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Plotting the death of cartoon characters

I was watching Modern Family. One of the dads was complaining about being a stay at home dad. He was missing his high powered lawyer position. The dad said he would rather be back at work instead of plotting the death of Dora. His plan to rid the world of Dora would go down like this. He would put dynamite in her backpack and send her in search of the mountain. I know out of the three people who read this blog....two are mortified:D
I told my friend Krimsin how funny I thought it was....and how cool of a blog post it could be if people added ideas. Because she indulges my self destructive tendencies (because that's what real friends do) she encouraged me to blog about it.
I dont have a whole list of plots because I'm not that creative. But, I did come up with one. It is my idea of how to get rid of Oscar the Grouch

Do you have any plots you would like to share? If so leave a comment:)

When a two year old is left unattended you may find them

under the kitchen table with a bag of mini marshmallows.

GH can count to eight now. And he also likes to play Kick the Sippy Cup.

Happy Birthday Cousin Charlie

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Dog's Fancy Preschool Art Show

Big Dog's first art show was impressive. Classical music, a refreshment table, and fantastic artwork to enjoy. What a high class shindig! Within a minute of walking through the front door GH grabbed a glass with assorted Goldfish crackers to eat while viewing the artwork;)

There were lots of displays. This one is of ladybugs....obviously:)

Tissue paper fish
Here are some sketches of bugs. Big Dog gets his stick figure drawing skills from me:D Don't hate him because God gave him a gift:)
Here is our family picture from the art show. GH was not going to put that cup of Goldfish crackers down:)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The last few days

As you can see we haven't matured passed noodle fights. Today, I attacked an unsuspecting Big Dog with a noodle. Captain Awesome said he "feared for Big Dog's certain death". So he flung his noodle into the air like a spear and hit my head. I totally didn't see it coming;D Our neighbors must know that we are insane by now:D

Big Dog has enjoyed being outside. He is talking so much more:) I'm also proud to say that GH has learned to jump this week. I'm not so proud to say that he has also learned to spit. It's really really gross.
Big Dog likes to conduct light shows for Donatello. Donatello is adjusting to life at our house. He wasn't really happy when I used the shop vac to clean out his aquarium the other day. When I took the vacuum outside he must have still been in a panic because I found him on his back. When I went to flip him over he didn't hiss like he usually does....but, he did almost pee on me. So that's a memory I will treasure forever:D Anyway, the kids love him and Rooster has added his name to our nightly prayers:) She's such a kind soul.

On Tuesday Rooster stayed home because she could barely talk. We did a lot of "home school" that day. Not because I wanted to but because she is relentless. I thought I was being an awesome substitute when I told her we were going to work on punctuation. I explained that at the end of most sentences there are periods. So we worked on adding periods to the end of sentences. Then she told me, "Mom, I'm going to make these into exclamation points". So much for me thinking I was teaching her something new.
This week I also got out the kids summer clothes. Thanks to Aunt Shel my boys are set:)
But, the best thing about this week is that Grandma Rose recovered from her close call. We are so proud of her. She is such a fighter:)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Playdate with Tiny Tim

GH enjoys bird watching;) He cant actually see any birds with these cheap binoculars from Target. But he is always pointing at birds and saying "Tweet Tweet". Today he really wanted Liz to look for birds with him. The boys don't really play with each other yet. GH is a little bit older than Tiny Tim (who actually might be bigger than GH now) GH refuses to be any sort of role model. He doesn't share well;) We are working on it.

But, both boys are always able to put small squabbles behind them. Today they even toasted each other with a big "Cheers"

Bottoms up!

Random stuff

I needed to finish making dinner. But, Rooster would not leave me alone. It was one thing after another. So I gave her an empty Parmesan container and told her to go catch a bug outside. Last year it might have bought me a few minutes. But, this year it didn't even buy me one minute. In about 30 seconds she walked in the door and presented me with a bug. Fantastic! Pose for a picture. Then get that thing out of my kitchen:)

The life of a four year old can be hard. You go to preschool in the morning. Then you spend the afternoon playing in the backyard and at the pool. Eventually you are gonna have to check out.

Tonight GH did not want to go take a bath. Big Dog pulled him up saying "It's bath time". Then he walked behind GH on the way upstairs. I guess he wanted to make sure GH didn't make a break for it:)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pictures from Roosters first soccer game

Rooster has been looking forward to soccer. Now she want to play baseball too. Her wish list never ends;)
Captain Awesome got done with inventory early so he was able to join us. Rooster was so happy that daddy could make it:)

Rooster met her team.

We heard a parent say "'Sarah' is quiet but she can be aggressive when she wants. She's going to go out there and be fierce". Captain Awesome and I chuckled.....they are 3-5 year olds.

There really wasn't any fierce players. Although it was obvious that the other team had a lot of good players. Rooster wasn't fierce, as I'm sure you figured out by now. We've always played cooperation type games...never competitive. So she is kind of new to that, except for what she's learned at school. Like I said, she wasn't fierce. But she was adorable. Most importantly she had a great time. Which is what we tried to emphasize to her. She has learned about winning and losing from school. She doesn't like to lose. Of course, who really likes to lose?

Here's Rooster and one of her teammates. Aren't they cute?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A wing and a prayer

I was at the kitchen counter preparing dinner when I heard Rooster say "Mommy help me" I figured she was just desperately trying to get my attention since I ignore my children all day long:D She asked for help again so I turned around. When she tried to come inside one of the wings from her butterfly wings got stuck in the door:D Poor thing.... I made her stand there while I grabbed my camera off the microwave.

Roosters photography blog has been updated so if you want to take a look here is the link.

Noodle fights and other silliness

My kids were outside this morning by 7:45. I'm sure the neighbors appreciated their blissful sleep being interrupted by my screaming children. That's why our neighbors love us right? That and because our unkept yard full of toys are forcing their property values down;)

The children love ganging up on Captain Awesome and I during noodle fights. The children are becoming skilled fencers. So we better watch our backs, we are outnumbered.

This morning I made a obstacle course for the kids with slides, noodles, and the trampoline.
Some people thought my obstacle course was a big joke;)

We used food coloring to color water. The kids loved to practice mixing colors and pouring. And I like the fact that it was done outside:)

My children are also talented musicians. They are so good at playing hand bells that I sent them outside. Now, you might think I sent them outside with the bells because I didn't want to get a headache. But, like I said they are talented musicians....It would be greedy of me not to share their talents with the whole neighborhood;) I only have enough patience to download one of these videos. So here is one of GH counting the bells.