Thursday, April 8, 2010

Combining Ideas

By now everyone knows I love Catholic Icing. It is one of my favorite blogs. The blog features lots of great ideas. There are so many ideas that you can't possibly do them all.

I really loved this idea and this idea. So I combined them. I love all the activities and crafts from Shower of Roses. This was on of the crafts she featured for the gates of heaven. These results aren't typical. So don't feel bad if your kids don't whip out masterpieces like these;D. And here is the ram craft we worked on.

I also love the idea of hanging up all those Easter eggs. Of course I will be hanging mine up one at a time. It's nothing fancy but my kids are impressed:D Maybe I will eventually add the daily activities. But, for now I will try to accomplish this.

On each egg I wrote what day of Easter it represents, the scripture and craft or snack idea. My kids have enjoyed this project so far. Their favorite part has been a snack. We ate popcorn which represents sheep:)................... tasty tasty sheep;)

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