Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The last few days

As you can see we haven't matured passed noodle fights. Today, I attacked an unsuspecting Big Dog with a noodle. Captain Awesome said he "feared for Big Dog's certain death". So he flung his noodle into the air like a spear and hit my head. I totally didn't see it coming;D Our neighbors must know that we are insane by now:D

Big Dog has enjoyed being outside. He is talking so much more:) I'm also proud to say that GH has learned to jump this week. I'm not so proud to say that he has also learned to spit. It's really really gross.
Big Dog likes to conduct light shows for Donatello. Donatello is adjusting to life at our house. He wasn't really happy when I used the shop vac to clean out his aquarium the other day. When I took the vacuum outside he must have still been in a panic because I found him on his back. When I went to flip him over he didn't hiss like he usually does....but, he did almost pee on me. So that's a memory I will treasure forever:D Anyway, the kids love him and Rooster has added his name to our nightly prayers:) She's such a kind soul.

On Tuesday Rooster stayed home because she could barely talk. We did a lot of "home school" that day. Not because I wanted to but because she is relentless. I thought I was being an awesome substitute when I told her we were going to work on punctuation. I explained that at the end of most sentences there are periods. So we worked on adding periods to the end of sentences. Then she told me, "Mom, I'm going to make these into exclamation points". So much for me thinking I was teaching her something new.
This week I also got out the kids summer clothes. Thanks to Aunt Shel my boys are set:)
But, the best thing about this week is that Grandma Rose recovered from her close call. We are so proud of her. She is such a fighter:)


  1. It looks and sounds like you have had a very busy 4 days. The noodle fights look like a lot of fun. My son loves to fight with those - he can get pretty aggressive with them!! Good for your daughter and her punctuation! Kids really know more than we think!!

  2. I feel bad I havent been doing activities with them. But, they are happy just being able to play right now. I suppose I should sit back and enjoy the break:)


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