Saturday, April 17, 2010

May Day, May Day! Helicopter Parent Down!

This was our first trip to the zoo without Captain Awesome. I am what is called a "helicopter parent". I've actually gotten better over the last few weeks. I hope I don't regress after today.

Everything started out fine. We got to the zoo without a problem. We even found a close parking place even though it was packed. I wrote the children's names and my cell number on each of the kids with a permanent marker. They were all color coordinated etc. So we went about our business. We went to the Garden of Senses....

We took pictures with animals. Rooster got tons of pictures for her photo blog.
Some of the animals weren't real. But, I'm including them in the blog post because I think they are cute pictures.
They even moved the world.

We saw elephants, rhinos, birds, fish, the desert, and jungle. But, could I be happy with that? No! I had to push my luck. I decided to take them to the aquarium for the last stop. Big Dog wanted to pull the wagon. So I helped him pull Rooster and GH. At first it was fine. Then Big Dog started to run. I told him to stop but it was too late. He ran into an embankment and tipped over the wagon. Rooster and GH were strapped in so they both ended up toppling over with the wagon. Roosters arms got all scratched up and GH has a nasty scrape and bruise on his head. I feel awful. Rooster was really mad at Big Dog. But, I told her Big Dog wouldn't hurt them on purpose. It was an accident. If it was any ones fault it was mine for not pulling the wagon by myself. I am happy to report Rooster has forgiven Big Dog and I:) During all the drama I forgot to check Big Dog for injuries. He got scraped up knees. Poor little guy didn't get any sympathy when it happened. When I found the scrapes at home he told me that they hurt and so I gave him kisses.


  1. Hey Kristi, so nice to hear from you! Thanks for your comment... your blog is looking very colourful! Love the "wahooligans" name... that's new isn't it??? If not, oops, I haven't been bloghopping much!

  2. Yeah--I just changed it from Hang on baby Jesus. Its going to get bumpy. I needed a change. Plus....a two sentence title is a bit of a mouth full:D

    I havent been doing much hopping either. But, I do get to see your blog from my facebook account:) I always love to see the awesome parties you put together:)

  3. lost my post....darn it!

    Yes--I have a new use to be Hang on baby Jesus. It was a bit long:D


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