Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meeting Peter Cottontail

After her swim lesson Rooster informed me that the Easter bunny was sick. She wanted to know what happens when the Easter bunny is too sick to deliver Easter baskets. I told her that I had no knowledge of the Easter bunny being sick and that it was probably just a rumor. But, that even if he was sick we would still go to church and we would still have an Easter egg hunt with her brothers and cousin tomorrow. She told me she was excited to meet Peter. I asked her who Peter was. She told me she wanted to meet Peter Cottontail. I guess that must be the Easter bunnies legal name.

I had told the kids that we probably wouldn't make it in time for the Easter egg hunt at the park but, that we would at least try to make it to see the Easter bunny. The boys didn't want anything to do with the Easter bunny. But, Rooster happily handed him his carrot.....which he nibbled at:)

Then the kids enjoyed playing on the equipment at the park. And I had the opportunity to talk to friends for a while with very few interruptions.
When we left Rooster asked if she could dress up like the Easter bunny and hide some eggs in the backyard for the boys. She was psyched that I said yes!

Big Dog was psyched too.....he collected a lot of eggs:)

GH also did some collecting.

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